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Call on Reliance™ for

heating, air conditioning, and plumbing services in Timmins.

Reliance Home Comfort™ is Timmins local source for furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters, plumbing services, water purification, smart home systems, electrical services, green solutions and more.

Reliance Home Comfort has been providing affordable home comfort solutions to Timmins for more than 50 years. We know how important it is to have a heating, cooling, and plumbing company you can count on in an emergency, and for regular maintenance and repairs.

We are proud to provide Timmins heating and cooling system (HVAC) installations, repairs and maintenance throughout the Timmins region. We provide furnace repair, ac repair, plumbing repair, electrical repair and services. Looking for a new furnace or air conditioner in Timmins? Our team of Home Comfort Advisors and experienced Timmins HVAC technicians are just a phone call away and ready to provide you with a free consultation.

We also serve the following nearby areas:

  • Delnite
  • Buffalo-Ankerite
  • Wawaitin Falls
  • Matheson
  • Iroquois Falls
  • Ramore
  • Kirkland Lake
  • Cochran

Experienced Timmins Furnace Installation

We rely on our furnaces and heating systems here in Canada. With 50 years of experience providing expert HVAC service and sales in Timmins, we know how to keep your home feeling cozy on even the coldest winter day. Our Home Comfort Advisors live in the area too and can help you determine the perfect heating system to keep your family warm.

Our team of licensed furnace technicians will install your new furnace quickly and professionally. We also provide maintenance and repair services to keep your heating system running smoothly. We can take care of a wide range of furnace and heating issues such as:

  • Ignition or pilot light issues
  • Slipped or frayed blower belts
  • Malfunctioning thermostats
  • Cracked or broken heat exchangers
  • Worn-out ball bearings
  • Blower fan problems
  • And many other general mechanical problems

Timmins Air Conditioning Repair Near Me

We know that Canada is no stranger to extreme weather. Whether you are ready to install a new air conditioning system in the Timmins area or just need to maintain your existing AC, Reliance Home Comfort can help keep your home cool on even the hottest day.

We offer several cooling systems to choose from:

  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Ductless or Mini-Split Air Conditioners
  • Packaged Air Conditioners

We are experts at providing top cooling solutions, and we can help you find the perfect Timmins AC solution for your home.

Not ready to replace your current AC, but it’s not working properly? Contact us for fast and professional Timmins air conditioning repair.

Should You Rent or Buy Your Furnace and Air Conditioner?

At Reliance Home Comfort, you always have the option to rent or buy your new furnace or AC. Your Home Comfort Advisor can walk you through your options.

Timmins Water Heaters

Tank or tankless? Gas or electric? 40, 50, 60 or 75 gallons? With so many water heater options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Our Home Comfort Advisors are here to help you choose the best water heating solution for your family.

Timmins Hot Water Heater Repair Near Me

Have an existing water heater that needs a repair? We can repair your existing hot water heater too, so your family can get back to enjoying hot water.

Expert Timmins Plumbing Repairs Near Me

Can you fix my leaky toilet? How do I upgrade my fixtures? You’ve got plumbing questions. Reliance Home Comfort has the answers.

We understand that a dripping tap, clogged drain, or broken laundry hose is stressful to deal with, and could cause costly damage if it’s not repaired fast. Our trained plumbers can solve emergency and non-emergency plumbing issues in any area of your home.

Timmins Water Purification, Air Purification and Smart Home Products

We have a full spectrum of products to keep you comfortable, from water purification systems including water softeners, iron and chlorine filters and reverse osmosis systems to products that could help improve your indoor air quality like HEPA air filters, HRVs and ERVs and UV air purification systems. Want to smarten and secure your home with smart home products? Choose from the wide range we carry, including Google Nest Protect, Nest Hub, Nest Hello Video Doorbell and a variety of smart thermostats. Need electrical upgrades, an emergency electrical repair or a standby generator? Reliance Home Comfort has you covered for all your electrical needs.

Contact a Timmins Heating and Cooling Contractor

Whether you need emergency assistance or regular maintenance, our experts in plumbing, air conditioning, hot water tanks, and furnace repair are ready to help. We offer the best heating and air conditioning solutions to customers throughout Timmins, and we’re proud of our excellent reputation for quality and integrity.

Call us 24/7/365 for fast, friendly, knowledgeable HVAC support and advice.

Just Call on Reliance™.

Home Comfort Solutions

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Local Service Areas

Reliance Home Comfort
Timmins, Ontario

(705) 669-1697

ESA License #7012884

The Reliance Team Services the following areas:

  • Delnite

  • Buffalo-Ankerite

  • Wawaitin Falls

  • Matheson

  • Iroquois Falls

  • Ramore

  • Kirkland Lake

  • Cochran


Reliance has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Google out of 1586 reviews

1586 Reviews

Tammy S.

Once again, I am extremely pleased with the annual service check on my a/c and furnace. Questions were answered, service was explained, clean up was spot on, and during this "social distancing " time, the tech arrived with gloves, masks, and knowledge re: 6 ft distance. Another great and painless experience- see you next year!

Gail C.

Had some plumbing work done by Darren from Reliance. The work was done quickly and very well with no mess left behind. Darren took the time to explain everything I needed to know and was able to answer my questions fully and clearly. He was very professional - a thoroughly positive experience. I will definitely recommend him and Reliance.

Dayton M.

I give Robbie my service guy a 5 star what awesome service! He went the extra mile even showed me how to use my air exchanger. Highly recommend Reliance home comfort for water heater rental and furnace and air conditioning system protection.

Ron Z.

I am with reliance and when my water heater started to leak I made a phone call at nine in the evening. The next morning a service tech was at my house. He was very professional and courteous. He explained in detail what the problem was. Everything worked out fine and he is welcome in my house anytime. Good job Reliance for your choice in this tech.

Here’s why Timmins Homeowners Choose Reliance

  • Live customer support 24/7/365

  • Ready to complete the repairs on the first call

  • 90,000+
    5 star Online Reviews

  • 50+ years of experience

Meet our Timmins Team

Reliance Home Comfort™ is proud to be one of the largest furnace and air conditioner companies in the City with a Heart of Gold. Whether you’re shopping for a new home natural-gas or propane furnace, a tankless water heater, electric water heaters, or need plumbing repairs, furnace or air conditioner service and maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

In fact, we have some of the best prices on ENERGY STAR® qualified water heaters and furnace and air conditioning HVAC systems, along with the northern hospitality you’d expect from our friendly customer service. Each and every day, we’re focused on providing you with the services you need to help keep you comfortable at home, work and in our community.

Your local Reliance™ team lives and works in the Timmins area – find us skiing at Kamiskotia or enjoying water sports at Timmins Wake Park. Like you, we live and breathe our very cold winters and know a thing or two about our exceptionally hot spring and summer temperatures. In short, we understand the unique needs of our community.

Whether you live in Connaught, Schumacher, the South End, Mount Joy, or Hill District, we have a home comfort solution that’s perfect for your home and budget – and we’re always here to help.

Home Comfort Advisor

Andrew Santos

Hello, I am Andrew! I have live in Timmins since 1995, and still amazed at how much this city with a Heart of Gold has to offer. As a Home Comfort Advisor living in Timmins. I have gotten to know many local families. The best things I like about living in Timmins are the people, friendly and caring.

Discover Our Home Comfort Solutions