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EV charger mounted to the wall of a garage with parked car

Benefits of Home EV Charging

If you were working from home during the pandemic and own an electric car, chances are you had all the time in the world to charge your vehicle. The Level 1 EV charger that plugs into readily available standard wall outlets was an easy option back then. But now that you’ve got places to go and people to see, it’s time to “level up” your charging station. Consider these benefits of having a Level 2 EV charging station from Reliance™ right at your doorstep.

Enjoy the Flexibility of Charging Your Electric Vehicle When You Want To

Added bonus if the utility company where you live offers off-peak pricing – you can juice up when it costs the least. If your charging station can be controlled with an app like the Flo Home™ X5, you can schedule charging times and monitor the charging right on your phone or tablet.

Relax at Home

First, you have to find a public charging station and waiting around while your car battery charges up is probably no one’s idea of a fun outing. Get some work done, read a book, and take a nap. We are Canada’s home comfort experts, so we have lots of great ideas on how to make your home somewhere you’ll never want to leave!

Increase Your Property Value

As the number of house hunters with electric cars increases, so does the attractive value proposition of buying a home that already has a Level 2 EV charging station installed. You could increase your property value with this handy convenience.

You Could Pay Less to Charge Your EV

Many public EV charging stations are Level 3 charging stations, and these use direct current (DC) as opposed to alternating current (AC) and can charge your car super-fast. The downside is they are often privately-owned networks that run on pay-per-use, which could end up costing you more than charging your car on your Level 2 EV charger at home.

Your Very Own Electric Vehicle Charging Station

There when you need it, and you get it all to yourself.

Worry-Free Charging

When you rent a Level 2 EV charging station from Reliance™, you get:

    • Faster Charging Time – Be ready to go when adventure calls. The Flo Home Level 2 charging station charges 4.25 times faster than a Level 1 standard receptacle
    • End to End Service – We will take care of the whole process from consultation to professional installation to service and 24/7 live support, 365 days a year
    • High Quality EV Charging Stations – FLO Home Level 2 charging stations are made right here in Canada and built for the Canadian climate
    • Professional Installation – Electrical upgrades are never recommended DIY projects. Our licensed electricians will make sure the job is done professionally, correctly and to the highest safety standards
    • Worry-Free Rental – We’ve got you covered for repairs and support for your entire rental period

What’s Involved in a Level 2 EV Charging Station Installation from Reliance?

We make what could be a complicated process to navigate on your own super easy. First, a friendly and knowledgeable Reliance Home Comfort Advisor will set up a free, in-home consultation and discuss the different options and locations for the charging station with you. Next, a licensed electrician will conduct a full site inspection and determine your specific installation needs; for example, you may require a panel upgrade. Lastly, our electrician will visit to install the EV charging station and show you everything you need to know about how it works.

Over the past 50+ years, more than 1.8 million Canadians have trusted Reliance to provide their home comfort needs. Live telephone support 24/7/365 and friendly, courteous professionals show that we stand behind our offerings and services.

Ready to book your free, no-obligation Level 2 EV charging station consultation? Just Call on Reliance™.

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