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Spring Clean Your Electrical System

Spring is the season for cleaning and decluttering. For many, that means sorting through closets, washing the windows, organizing the garage, and taking care of any small repairs that may have been neglected through the winter.

But did you know that your home’s electrical system also needs some annual TLC?

Maintaining a healthy electrical system is part of keeping your home safe, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are a few tips to help you perform a quick electrical check up as part of your spring-cleaning routine.

1. Banish the Dust and Germs

Sensitive electronic equipment should be kept clean, so don’t forget to dust – even in places you can’t see.

High touch areas like light switches and dimmers can be home to lingering bacteria and germs. If you don’t give them a good wipe as part of your regular cleaning routine, now is the time.

Banish the Dust and Germs

2. Inspect Your Wall Outlets

It’s important to check your wall outlets, especially if you live in an older home. A quick visual inspection should do the trick. If you notice discolouration or other signs of damage, unplug any power cords and call in a professional electrician.

3. Check Your Lightbulbs

Spring is a good time to clean your lightbulbs using a soft, dry cloth. While you’re at it, make sure the bulbs match the wattage ratings on your light fixtures. A lightbulb that draws too much power could damage the fixture, or even cause a fire.

4. Look for Exposed Wiring

If your home has an attic, basement or crawlspaces with exposed wiring, take a good look to make sure animals haven’t caused damage over the winter months. If you do see signs of chewed or frayed wires don’t try to fix it yourself. Call in a licensed electrician for a professional evaluation.

5. Deal with Overloaded Power Strips and Extension Cords

Power strips and extension cords are safe when used correctly, but it’s easy to accidentally overload them and cause a potential fire hazard. Never daisy chain your power strips or extension cords, and make sure you aren’t exceeding their maximum capacity.

Air should circulate freely around power strips and extension cords, as the wires can heat up if they are covered or don’t have ample ventilation. Finally, secure or move any loose cables to prevent a tripping hazard.

Deal with Overloaded Power Strips and Extension Cords

6. Don’t Forget Your Exterior Lighting Systems

As part of your spring garden clean up, check to make sure your exterior lighting is in good working order, including in your pool or spa. That way you’ll be sure to get maximum enjoyment out your outdoor space once summer is in full swing!

If you spot a problem or are unsure about the safety of your residential electrical system, our team of certified electricians can help. Whether you need an electrical repair, upgrade, or installation, Reliance® is always only a phone call away.

Call now to learn more and to schedule your appointment.

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