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Reliance® Is Your Partner in Environmental Sustainability.

We’re committed to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner and to providing you with environmentally sustainable home comfort solutions too.

As Canada’s local source for air conditioners, furnaces, water heaters and more, we know what a big difference even small changes can make – for your utility bills and for the environment.

Enjoying home comfort in a way that minimizes your carbon footprint doesn’t have to be complicated. Our green solutions could help you improve your home comfort, and your environmental impact.

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The Canadian government has made  a commitment to achieve net-zero
emissions by 2050. That may sound like it  is far in the future, but in reality,
we need to start thinking and acting  differently when it comes to how we
heat and cool our homes, heat and use our  water and choose the kind of cars we drive.
As your local source for  air conditioners, furnaces,
water heaters and more, we know what a  big difference even small changes can
make for the environment and as an  added bonus to your energy savings.
A tankless water heater is  a great way to save space,
and it can provide an endless  supply of on-demand hot water.
These devices heat your water only  when you are using it as opposed
to a traditional storage tank which  has to turn on to keep the water hot.
This makes a tankless water heater a more  energy-efficient choice. Of course, you still
need to make sure your teens aren’t having  30-minute showers to make it a green choice!
Heat pumps both heat and cool your home –  replacing your AC in the summer and keeping
your family warm when it’s cold outside  in the Spring and Fall. Today’s heat pumps
could even work right through the winter  if it doesn’t get too cold in your area.
Heat pumps run on electricity – and depending on  how the electricity is generated where you live,
they could help lower CO2 emissions  as opposed to a furnace that burns
natural gas. They also transfer  heat instead of creating it and
can therefore be a more efficient  option than electric baseboards.
And since your furnace won’t have to run as often,
you could also reduce your  home’s CO2 emissions even more.
A smart thermostat can help to manage your home’s  energy consumption by programming itself to ensure
that your home isn’t being heated unnecessarily  when you’re away or when you’re asleep.
You can also control the temperature of your  home remotely from your tablet or laptop,
which can result in even  more potential cost savings.
These days, low-flow plumbing fixtures are the  standard. At Reliance, for plumbing fixtures to
be considered green, they must beat the standard  and offer even more water-saving potential.
Making the switch to bathroom and kitchen  fixtures designed to use less water than
standard low-flow equipment could help reduce  your household water consumption even further.
And don’t forget that lower-flow  doesn’t mean low pressure. Our
high-quality selection is engineered to  work very efficiently with less water.
At Reliance, being green is important to us,
and we offer a selection of fixtures that  exceed the standards for lower water usage.
More and more Canadians are choosing electric  and hybrid cars as their vehicle of choice.
Here at Reliance we are busy converting some of  our fleet trucks to hybrid electric. Electric
and plug-in hybrid cars can be an excellent  way to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions,
save on vehicle expenses and decrease  your household’s carbon footprint.
To make it easy to charge your EV at home,
Reliance is now offering high-quality  Level 2 EV charging stations.
You’ll get faster charging times – a  Level 2 charging station charges 4.25
times faster than a Level 1 standard receptacle  and comes with complete installation & service.
You’ve got the car, and we’ve got the  end-to-end home charging solution for you.
Interested in learning more about these and  other green home comfort solutions we offer?
Just Call on Reliance™. We will help you find  the products to fit your needs and your budget.

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*Plus applicable taxes. Products and services currently available in York Region, ON and the greater Vancouver BC, Ottawa ON and Calgary AB regions.

^New equipment does not guarantee energy savings, individual factors such as outdoor temperature, home insulation, run time, time of use and family size all effect how much energy is saved.