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5 Ways To Make Your Kids’ Home Schooling More Comfortable

Whether your child is headed back into the classroom or continuing at home in virtual school, COVID-19 has reminded us all of how important it is that they have the tools and environment they need to learn from home.

Just like how we discovered how to work from home more effectively over the last year, children can learn better when they are more comfortable. Here are five smart ways to help your kids be as productive as possible with more comfort:

#1. Give Them Space

You appreciate a dedicated space to have your online meetings and do your work, and your kids do too. Depending on the size and layout of your home, try to find a quiet, bright space, free of distractions and clutter, where your child can focus on study. If you have more than one child, you might want to consider separate spaces for each — or adjoining areas where they can work apart or together, as needed.

#2. Connections Matter

Maintaining social connections are vital for all of us — especially for the little ones during these unprecedented times. With a Google Nest Hub it’s easy to set up calls for “play dates”, at lunchtime or after school. Plus, the Nest Hub is a fantastic virtual personal assistant, allowing you to control your connected home from one sleek dashboard.

In fact, you can use your voice to control all your compatible devices, including your lights, security cameras, thermostat, TV and even who’s at the front door. Plus, you and your kids can stream your favourite music and you can keep track of everyone’s schedule with ease.

#3. Safety Matters Too

To help protect the electrical devices in your home, you can install a whole home surge protector to help keep all of your valuable electronics safe from power surges.

Whether you’re looking for an electrical upgrade, installation services or electrical repairs, the certified electricians at Reliance™ are always just a phone call away and ready to help.

#4. The Bulletproof Connection Students Need

Highspeed internet is just as important for schooling as it is for your home office. But sharing the bandwidth can be a challenge with online learning, Zoom calls, streaming videos and music, gaming and more — your old router may not have what it takes.

Google WiFi works with your current network, delivering an easy, affordable solution that handles zones and lags, and offers you and your children true whole-home coverage. Plus, an easy-to-use app lets you see what devices are connected. For instance, you can pause WiFi on your devices and prioritize theirs while they’re learning or doing their homework.

#5. Keeping an Eye on Everyone

Work may intrude on your home life, but that doesn’t mean your family is any less a priority that it has always been. You may not be able to grow eyes on the back of your head or develop bionic hearing, but the Google Nest Cam Indoor may be the next best thing.

This state-of-the-art indoor camera looks after your little ones and your home, day or night. The Nest Cam IQ Indoor is smart enough to tell a person from a thing and can even recognize faces using Nest Aware. Plus it helps you see and hear what’s going on home, even when you’re not there or busy on a call somewhere else in the house. And, thanks to its powerful built-in speaker and mic, you can even tell your dog to get off the sofa, again.

Need suggestions and guidance to improve your kids’ home-schooling space? Contact Reliance™️ to learn more about the Smart Home solutions we offer that include installation, set-up and in-home demonstration.

Not tech savvy? No problem — our expert Smart Home Advisors and trained Smart Home Technicians will get you and your family set up in minutes!

Google, Nest Hub, Google Wifi, and Nest Cam IQ Indoor are trademarks of Google LLC.
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