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Licensed Electricians

Providing Guaranteed Work with Upfront, Flat Rate Pricing.

At Reliance®, we know that electrical work requires the expertise of certified electricians. That’s why we offer electrical repairs, upgrades, and installation services to meet your needs. Wherever you live, our team of licensed electricians are always just a phone call away!

Services for all your residential electrical needs.

Don’t get left in the dark. Call on Reliance™ to ask about generator installation today.

Protect yourself from unexpected electrical repairs.

Trust Reliance local electricians to fix and repair electrical problems fast. We pride ourselves on offering upfront pricing (no hourly charges) so there are no last-minute pricing surprises. Understanding the cost of your electrical repair gives you financial peace of mind while we get the job done.

Convenient Appointment Booking That Fits Your Busy Schedule.

We understand that you have a busy schedule, that’s why we offer flexible appointment booking that fits your schedule including weekends and holidays. Whether you need an electrician near you for a big project such as a home renovation, or need to upgrade your indoor and outdoor lighting, you can count on a Reliance electrician to do the job right!

Our commitment to you as a Reliance Customer:

  • Our live telephone support is available to you 24/7/365. A knowledgeable representative will help book the next available appointment.
  • We offer convenient appointment booking that fits your schedule including weekends and holidays.
  • We provide the highest quality of electrical work performed by our certified electricians.
  • We offer 100% full guarantee of our service.

Let Reliance® take the worry out of your electrical issues. We take special care to ensure that your project is done thoroughly and on time, so your home looks its best.

Electrical Repairs Near You

We provide services for all your residential electrical needs, including (but not limited to):

Electrical Upgrades, Remodeling and Renovations

  • Residential remodels and additions
  • Home renovations
  • Appliance installation
  • Panel upgrades
  • Service upgrades
  • Upgrade service to 100, 200, 400 amps

Electrical Installations

  • Sub Panels
  • Main Electrical Panels
  • Surge Protection
  • Lighting, Outlets, Receptacles and USB receptacles
  • GFCI outlets
  • Ceiling fans and bathroom fans
  • Fuse/breaker replacements
  • Doorbell system installations and repairs
  • Range hood connection

Electrical Safety

  • Home Inspection with report from certified technician
  • Code Compliance
  • Electrical Protection Plans available here

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

  • Exterior lighting
  • Timer switches and motion sensors
  • Dimmer switches
  • Pot lights
  • Pull chain fixture
  • Fluorescent fixtures
  • LED lighting

Electrical Repairs

  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Correction of poorly installed wiring
  • Correction of overloaded circuits
  • Repair of electrical outlets, switches, dimmers and doorbell buzzers

Electrical Wiring

  • Knob & tube replacement
  • Whole-house rewiring
  • Low-voltage wiring
  • Line-voltage wiring
  • Pool and spa wiring
  • Speaker system wiring
  • Phone and cable wiring
  • Security system wiring
  • Appliance wiring

Plus, when you choose Reliance to complete the electrical repair*, we’ll waive our $99 Electrical Assessment Fee. That’s a ton of savings for a lot of peace of mind.

CALL NOW to schedule an electrical repair with a certified electrician near you!

Home Standby Generators

An automatic backup generator is a back-up power supply that operates whether you are home or away. Within seconds of a power outage, it automatically supplies power directly to your home’s electrical circuit breaker box. After power returns, the generator shuts itself off until the next time it’s needed. It operates on natural gas or liquid propane gas and sits outside just like a central air conditioning unit.

The generator automatically detects a power outage and works to distribute backup power to your home. Within seconds, you’ll get power on demand knowing that the generator will keep your power running for as long as the power is out.

During a power outage, an automatic backup generator provides numerous advantages over a portable generator:

  • They start automatically within seconds of a power outage, and eliminate the need to haul a portable generator outside or run extension cords throughout your home.
  • Permanently installed backup generators are a safer way to provide backup power to a home than a portable generator. Our specially trained electricians will ensure your generator is installed in a properly ventilated location.
  • They provide protection 24/7, whether you’re home or away, and they turn themselves off when utility power returns, so there is no need to monitor the unit during an outage.

The most logical way to determine your needs is to envision your home without power. Some outages may be short in duration, while others could last for days or weeks. What would your family miss during an outage?

The very best way to understand your options and work within your budget is to schedule a free in-home assessment with one of our Home Comfort Advisors. During your consultation, you will receive the personalized attention and detailed evaluation you need to find a solution that works for your need.

For safety reasons and to ensure adherence to all local, provincial and national codes, particularly for non-pre-wired or larger systems, we recommend you use an authorized and licensed contractor for the following reasons:

  • Reliance will execute all the permits, consult and audit your specific needs and site conditions so that you invest in the very best option for your home and family.
  • With large capacity generators the requirements of licensed gas fitters, master electricians and electrical safety authority permits are required for all home installations.

All generators require regular maintenance, such as oil and filter changes to ensure maximum performance for years of reliable service. Reliance recommends you have your unit serviced every year by a qualified service technician. With Reliance’s rental generator program, the annual maintenance and any future repairs are free of charge and included in your small monthly investment.

Electrical Protection Plans

Protect yourself from unexpected electrical repairs. When an electrical problem occurs, it makes sense to fix it right away.

Reliance Home Comfort® provides nearby expert electrical services to homeowners. We can help you avoid unexpected costs through an electrical protection plan.

For as little as $19.99 a month (plus taxes), you can protect yourself against the unexpected costs associated with an electrical repair near you. You will also get an annual visual inspection of your home’s electrical system with a report from one of our certified electricians

Diagnosis and repair

Service from professionally experienced & licensed electricians near you

Save 10% off all electrical upgrades

Live customer support 24/7/365

Unlimited service calls

No pre-inspection needed

Annual visual inspection of your home’s electrical system with report from one of our certified electricians near you

Certified Electricians will provide advice on electrical energy and potential cost savings

Fast & Reliable Electrical Services:

Emergency Service

Professional, Licensed Electricians

Guaranteed Flat-Rate Pricing

Plus Reliance has over


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ECRA/ESA #7012884

*$99 Diagnosis/Assessment Fee will be waived for customers who move forward with the quoted Electrical service or repair work. Applicable taxes are extra. Subject to terms and conditions. This offer is non-transferable and cannot be combined with any other offer. Subject to availability, services are not available in all areas. We reserve the right to change or cancel this offer at any time for any reason.  Contact us for details.