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We Are Pleased to Offer a Range of High-Quality Level 2 Charging Stations

ChargePoint CPH50 Home Flex10

ChargePoint CPH50 Home Flex10

AUTEL® MaxiCharger AC Elite Home

AUTEL® MaxiCharger AC Elite Home

FLO Home™ G5 – EV Charging Station

FLO Home™ G5 – EV Charging Station

FLO Home™ X5 – Smart EV Charging Station

FLO Home™ X5 – Smart EV Charging Station

Here’s Why Getting Your Level 2 Home EV Charging Station From Reliance Will Be a Game-Changer

  • Faster Charging Time – Be ready to go when adventure calls. Our home EV charging stations can charge 4.25 times or more faster than a Level 1 standard receptacle
  • End to End Service – We will take care of the whole process from consultation to professional installation to service and 24/7 live support, 365 days a year
  • High Quality EV Charging Stations – We’ve done the research and stand behind the brands we offer
  • Professional Installation – Our licensed electricians will make sure the job is done professionally, correctly and to the highest safety standards


  • Worry-Free Rental – Renting your EV charging station? We’ve got you covered for repairs and support for your entire rental period
  • Knowledgeable Help – Our Home Comfort Advisors can help you choose the right EV charging station and guide you through every step



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Installing a Level Two EV Charger with Reliance®  is hassle-free. Our knowledgeable Home Comfort
Advisor will visit for a free in-home consultation  to discuss charger options and prime installation
locations. Electrical installations are always  best left to the experts. One of our licensed
Electricians will conduct a site inspection to  assess specific installation needs, checking
if any electrical panel upgrades are necessary.  Once everything is set, our Electrician returns,
ensures all upgrades are completed, the charger  is installed, and its operation is explained
thoroughly. Why choose Reliance? For over 60  years, Reliance has been servicing the Home
Comfort needs of Canadians, so you can count on us  to provide you with the home EV charging solution
that meets your needs. And while purchasing a  Level Two Charger could be the right choice for
some people, we also offer a unique opportunity  to rent your equipment and enjoy the benefits
of professional ongoing support and service. Our  service includes 24/7, 365 live telephone support,
professional inspection and installation  by our experienced, licensed electricians,
friendly and knowledgeable customer service  professionals, no charge for unforeseeable
repairs or replacement of rental equipment for  the entire rental duration. Congratulations on
deciding to Go Electric! Investing in an electric  or plug-in hybrid car can be a great way to help
reduce greenhouse gas emissions and could even  help you save on vehicle expenses. Exciting,
isn’t it? Did you know there are different kinds  of EV Chargers and many different brands? Having
to figure out which charger works best in our  Canadian climate, where to install it and whether
or not your electrical panel has the capacity for  it can be overwhelming. Don’t worry. Reliance is
here to help. We went down the research rabbit  hole, so you don’t have to. Let’s talk about the
two levels of Home EV Chargers. A Level One EV  charger utilizes a 120vt power supply; however,
it’s generally the slowest in charging speed,  which means you may not be ready to hit the road
when you want to. At Reliance, we offer Level Two  EV Chargers exclusively and here’s why. Level Two
Chargers stand out due to their typically faster  charging speeds than Level One Chargers while
being more cost-effective than commercially used  Level Three Chargers. The Level Two EV Chargers we
have selected can charge over four times quicker  than a standard wall outlet. We also offer Level
Two Chargers with Smart Features, allowing you to  control and monitor the charging process using a
mobile app. We handpicked the EV Chargers that can  handle the extremes of the Canadian climate, from
hot summer days to frigid winter ones. Who enjoys  waiting around a public charging station for
their car to charge? With a home-based Level Two  Charger, you can charge up at your convenience.
Whether you’re working, sleeping or simply  relaxing, you gain total control and flexibility
to be ready for the road, all from the comfort  of your home. Electricity per kilometre tends to
cost less than gasoline, which could contribute to  significant savings if you switch to an electric
car. Charging at home lets you avoid extra charges  at public stations, and charging during off-peak
electricity hours could further reduce costs.  As more people opt for electric vehicles, a home
with a Level Two EV Charger can be attractive,  potentially enhancing your property value. Ready
to start with your free, no-obligation Level  Two EV Charger consultation? Call on Reliance™.

EV Chargers FAQs

Level 1 chargers plug into a standard household outlet, and the Level 2 chargers plug into a standard household 240V outlet – the same kind of outlet that your oven and dryer use.

It is recommended that a licensed technician professionally install home EV charging stations. Electrical changes in your home can be dangerous to attempt yourself.

Nope! This charging station is made for the Canadian climate and is certified to withstand temperatures down to -40c and all the way up to 50c outside.

Electricity usage is determined by the car make and model. Level 1 charging vs Level 2 charging uses the same amount. The only difference is the speed at which the electricity is transferred.

The only difference is the FLO Home X5 is connected to your home network and accessible via an app, and the G5 is not.

A network connection allows you to monitor your charging status in real time and view usage data in a secure online portal along with other individual app features. The FLO Home X5 and the ChargePoint Home Flex both offer home network connectivity.

Most people like to charge their cars overnight when electricity rates tend to be lowest. Check your local rates to find the best times for you.

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