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The Reliance™️ Green Living Checklist

Sometimes it’s the little changes that add up and make the big impacts. Download our Green Home Comfort Checklist and pop it on your fridge to see how many environmentally sustainable changes you can make around your home.

1. Consider replacing an old Air Conditioner with a more energy-efficient Heat Pump.

2. Time for a new toilet, bathroom tap or kitchen faucet? Ask us about our lower-flow fixtures.

3. Have a Smart Thermostat installed and set up to help run your heating and cooling equipment more efficiently.

4. Is your family going through a ton of single-use plastic water bottles? Ask us about a Reverse Osmosis System to get purified water straight from the tap.


5. Switch out your light bulbs. Energy Star®–certified LED lights use up to 90% less energy and last at least 15% longer than regular incandescent light bulbs.

6. Start composting! This diverts organic waste from the landfill and you can use it to enrich your garden soil.

7. Keep your fridge and freezer full – your food will stay colder and your equipment will run more efficiently.

8. Avoid unnecessary food packaging and choose products in reusable containers.

9. Look for Energy Star® stickers when shopping for new appliances.

10. Insulate your home. Research green insulation products – there are lots of cool ones available these days.

11. Plug your car in. An electric or hybrid vehicle will help reduce carbon emissions.

12. Offset your carbon usage by purchasing carbon credits. Ask us about our Carbon Offsets Program.

13. Go tankless and have shorter showers. A Tankless Water Heater will only heat the water you are going to use.

15. Set up online billing to cut down on paper waste.

15. Set up online billing to cut down on paper waste.

16. Collect rainwater to water plants and flowers.

17. Don’t run the water while brushing your teeth.

18. Ask us about environmentally friendly Heat Pump Water Heaters

Have questions about your heating and cooling system, water purificationsmart homeair purificationwater heatersgreen home or generatorsCall on Reliance™️ today to schedule time with one of our trusted Home Comfort Advisors. The advisor will assess your home and discuss your needs to find the right solutions for you and your family. Also, be sure to visit our Offers Page to find out the lastest deals!

The ENERGY STAR®️ name and symbol are administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada and are registered in Canada by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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