Worry-free, affordable, Smart Home solutions in Toronto.

Smart Home technology is transforming the way Torontonians control their home and live their lives. The ability to adjust your thermostat, keep your home safe, and so much more is now at your fingertips – whether you’re at home or away.

There’s just one catch – as convenient as Smart Home devices are, they can be intimidating and confusing to install. That’s where Reliance™ comes in.


Reliance Smart Home packages make it easy to keep your home comfortable, safe and secure.

As trusted leaders in the home service industry, Reliance™ has selected and packaged the most-frequently requested Smart Home components into a Starter Bundle, so you can get your home connected in the easiest way possible.

  • Google Nest Learning Thermostat – Control your heating and cooling.
  • Google Nest Hello Doorbell – See who’s coming and going.
  • Google Nest Hub – Control your connected home from a single, sleek dashboard.

With no upfront cost and low monthly rental payments, you’ll have a great smart home experience from day one. Our packages include full equipment and in-home service warranty during the 5-year contract.

Our Smart Home solutions work independently or with existing Smart Home technology, making it easy to begin building your smart home, or to build on the technology you’re already familiar with.

Not tech savvy? Don’t worry! Our expert Smart Home Advisors and trained Smart Home Technicians in Toronto, will get you set up in no time and will guide you through the use of your Smart Home products.

And if you ever have a problem that requires in-home service, our expert technicians are only a phone call away.


Reliance™ technicians in Toronto are expertly trained, Nest Pro Elite installers.

When you choose Reliance™ for your Smart Home technology, you can rest assured that your technician has been specially trained by Google Nest for the installation and setup of your Smart Home products.

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Begin making your home ‘smart’ with our Starter Smart Home bundle.

Reliance™ can help you install and set up the following Smart Home products:


Nest Hello Doorbell in Toronto

Google Nest Doorbell

Smart Home Hub in Toronto

Google Nest Hub



Google Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation 

The Nest Learning Thermostat automatically adjusts to keep your home at the perfect temperature –whether you’re there or away – making it one of the most popular Smart Home devices in Canada. This smart device quickly learns your preferences and begins to adjust your home to the ideal temperature in no time.

  • Smart technology that makes it easy to conserve energy, which may help lower your heating and cooling bills.
  • The Nest Learning Thermostat is accessible through the app on your smart device (phone, tablet, laptop, Google Home or smartwatch), giving you 24/7 access and control.
  • It works with devices such as the Google Home, allowing you to control the Nest Learning Thermostat with your voice.
  • Energy consumption is fully transparent so it’s easy to monitor how much energy you use and when.

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The Nest Hello Doorbell takes your doorbell to the next level.

This smart technology allows you to safely and conveniently see who’s at your front door and chat with them – even if you’re not at home. You can see if a package has been dropped off and is waiting for you. You can even go back and view a snapshot history of visits outside your front door.**

Your front door at your fingertips – wherever you are:

  • Receive notifications on your mobile device or PC and see, hear and speak to visitors in real time from anywhere.
  • See crisp images, even at night.
  • Get alerts to identify who and when someone or something is at the door even if they don’t ring the bell.
  • Check in at anytime from anywhere for total peace of mind from your fingertips.
  • Video from your front door stays safe in the cloud with 128-bit data encryption and two-step verification.

Answer your front door from anywhere:

  • Prerecorded quick responses let you answer your door even when you can’t.
  • HDR video shows sharp details even in bright and dark areas.
  • HD talk and listen allows for two-way communication, whether you’re at home or away.
  • Google Nest Hello can even recognize family and friends and send a special alert.**

Never miss a visitor:

  • 4:3 HD video shows people head to toe.
  • Detect visitors with person, motion and sound alerts.
  • 24/7 streaming and continuous video recording.**

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The Nest Hub allows you to control your connected home from one, sleek dashboard…and do so much more. Think of it as your virtual personal assistant.

Featuring an LCD visual display, built-in full range speaker, and far-field microphones, Nest Hub gives you the flexibility to control your home using your voice or the 7-inch touchscreen.

  • Display your favourite photos on the ultimate digital photo frame.
  • Use your voice to control all your compatible devices, including your television, lights, security cameras, and thermostat.
  • Get hands-free help from your integrated Google Assistant.
  • Watch your favourite YouTube videos, stream your favourite music, or listen to your favourite podcast.
  • Keep track of your schedule with reminders from your Google Assistant.
  • Works with the Google Nest Hello Doorbell so you can see who is at your front door and speak to them directly through your Google Nest Hub.

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Make Your Starter Smart Home Bundle Even Smarter With These Optional Add-ons



Google Home and Google Home Mini are smart speakers that make getting answers, playing music, organizing your day, and controlling your home as easy as saying “Hey, Google.”

Use voice commands to:

  • Listen to music, audiobooks, and podcasts. The possibilities are almost endless.
  • Get answers to your questions – Google Home can be your all-in-one calculator, dictionary and translator. It even provides real-time information on the latest weather, traffic, finance, sports and more.
  • Connect to your music app and even pair it with other speakers to deliver music throughout your home.
  • Control your thermostat with a simple voice command.
  • Stay connected and organized with the Google Assistant, who will give your friendly reminders and updates about your schedule, your commute, your flight information, your grocery shopping, and more.

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The way we use WiFi has changed, and traditional routers have a hard time keeping up. That’s where Google WiFi comes in.

If you’re like most Canadians, you use multiple devices, you move through the house while you’re online, and you love high bandwidth activities like streaming, gaming, and video chatting.

With Google WiFi, you can say goodbye to dead zones, buffering, and frustrating router issues:

  • Google WiFi points work together as a connected system, providing true whole-home coverage.
  • Advanced Network Assist technology keeps your network fast by always placing you on the clearest channel to help avoid buffering.
  • An easy-to-use app lets you see what devices are connected and offers features like family controls – so you can pause WiFi on kids’ devices – and the ability to prioritize a device.
  • Google WiFi gives you the flexibility to cover the space you need. A single Google WiFi point covers up to 1,500 square feet, while a three-pack can cover up to 4,500 square feet.

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