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When you come home, you want to relax in warmth and comfort. If your furnace isn’t blowing enough heat into your house, the cold weather can quickly lose its appeal. At Reliance Home Comfort™, we’ve been keeping Canadians warm for more than 60 years, and we’re here to keep homeowners in Windsor warm too.

There’s no reason to hibernate when the snow starts to fall. From enjoying a brisk walk by the river to taking in a Windsor Spitfires hockey game, Windsor offers plenty of winter fun for the whole family.

Our furnace technicians are always only a phone call away and can repair, service, or maintain different makes, models, and types of home heating systems. No matter where you live in Windsor, we can be at your home fast to troubleshoot and fix your furnace problem.

Did you know that regular service and maintenance can help keep your furnace or boiler working efficiently? You may save money on your home heating bills and avoid the unexpected cost and inconvenience of a furnace repair. With Reliance™ Windsor, scheduling a technician is as simple as booking online or giving us a call.

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Furnace FAQs

Here are your most common furnace questions, answered:

Is my home heated by a furnace or by a boiler?

If your home is kept warm by hot air blown through vents, you have a furnace system. If your home has radiators, radiant heating, or fan coils, you have a boiler system. Boiler systems are more commonly found in older homes.

How does my furnace heat air?

Your furnace ignites fuel in a combustion chamber, which heats up a coiled tube called a heat exchanger. When air is drawn across these coils it is heated up and then delivered to areas of your home through the ductwork.

How does my boiler work?

A boiler heats up a liquid – usually water or glycol – which is then distributed to radiators, radiant heating, and fan coils throughout your home.

Is there anything I can do to lower my home heating bills?

A professional energy audit can help you identify opportunities to make your home more energy efficient, which will lower your heating bills. You may qualify for grants to help you cover the cost.

Here are a few other ideas that may help you save energy without compromising your comfort:

  • When it’s time to upgrade your home heating system, choose a modern, high efficiency condensing furnace.
  • Install a programmable thermostat so you can monitor and control your energy use.
  • Prevent heat loss by sealing any leaky windows and cracks.
  • If your home is older, consider replacing the windows and adding more insulation to your attic and basement.

Why should I choose a high efficiency furnace?

A high efficiency furnace keeps your home warm without wasting energy. They have an AFUE rating between 92% – 98% and often use smart technology so you can be in control of your energy use whether you’re at home or away.

Why should I consider a whole home humidifier?

Many homeowners consider a whole home humidifier an investment in their health and in the value of their home. By keeping the humidity levels in your home stable all year long, a whole home humidifier may help your furnace run more efficiently while promoting healthy indoor air.

When do I need to call for a furnace inspection?

If you notice any of the following, it’s a good idea to call a furnace expert:

  • Your furnace isn’t keeping your home warm like it used to.
  • Your furnace is leaking water.
  • Your furnace is making unusual noises.
  • Your home heating bills are unusually high.
  • Your home is dustier than normal.

It’s time for me to upgrade my furnace. Should I rent or buy?

When you rent your furnace, you are responsible for one low monthly fee. We’ll look after most maintenance and repairs.

When you buy your furnace, you’ll have an upfront investment and you will be responsible for looking after your unit. Owning your furnace may be a good investment in the value of your home and you can protect yourself from unexpected repair costs with a comprehensive Protection Plan from Reliance™.

Your Reliance™ Home Comfort Advisor can help you decide which choice is right for you.

When I upgrade my furnace, should I get a new AC too?

It can make sense to upgrade your AC when it’s time for a new furnace. Systems designed to work together are more energy efficient and may save you on your energy bills. Talk to your Reliance™ Home Comfort Advisor about your options.

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