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Maple Ridge Plumbing Services, Air Conditioning, & Furnace Repair

Reliance Home Comfort® is Maple Ridge’s go-to destination for air conditioners, furnaces, water heaters, plumbing services, water purification, electrical services, and more. We understand the importance of reliable cooling, heating, and plumbing services, whether it’s for emergencies, maintenance, or repairs.

Knowledgeable Advice and Expert Technicians

Our dedicated Maple Ridge team is proud to offer comprehensive HVAC installations, repairs, and maintenance services. From furnace repair to AC maintenance, plumbing issues to electrical services, we’ve got you covered. If you’re in need of a new furnace or air conditioner, our team of Home Comfort Advisors and experienced technicians are ready to help.

Plumbing Services in Maple Ridge, BC

From emergencies to routine maintenance, our plumbing services in Maple Ridge cater to all your needs. Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle a wide range of plumbing issues, including leaks, clogs, fixture repairs, pipe problems, and sump pump malfunctions. Whether it’s an emergency or a plumbing upgrade like adding new fixtures, moving your laundry upstairs or installing new hose bibs outside, you can rely on us for prompt and professional service to help keep your home’s plumbing system running smoothly.

Emergency Plumber Near Me

Leak Detection and Repair: Whether it’s a burst pipe, leaking faucet, or a hidden water leak, our skilled plumbers have the tools and expertise to quickly identify the source of the leak and make the necessary repairs to prevent water damage to your property.

Clogged Drains: A clogged drain can disrupt your daily routine and cause unpleasant odors and potential water damage. Our professionals use advanced equipment to clear clogs efficiently and ensure proper drainage in your home.

Broken or Malfunctioning Fixtures: From broken toilets to malfunctioning water heaters, our team can handle any fixture repair or replacement needs you may have. We’ll work swiftly to restore functionality to your plumbing fixtures and ensure your comfort and convenience.

Emergency Pipe Repairs: If you’re experiencing a burst or damaged pipe, it’s crucial to act fast to prevent flooding and water damage. Our emergency plumbing services include pipe repairs to minimize the impact on your home and belongings.

Sump Pump Services: A functioning sump pump is essential for help in preventing basement flooding, especially during heavy rainfall or snowmelt. Our technicians can inspect, repair, or install sump pumps to help keep your basement dry and protected.

Rent, Buy or Finance Your Furnace, Air Conditioner or Heat Pump

At Reliance, you have the flexibility to rent, buy or finance your new heating and cooling equipment. Our Home Comfort Advisors can guide you through the options to find the best heating and cooling solution for your needs.

New Rental Tank and Tankless Water Heaters and Water Heater Repair Services in Maple Ridge

From choosing the right water heater between tankless water heaters and classic tank water heaters our Home Comfort Advisors are here to help you make the best choice for your family and budget. Our trained water heater technicians are ready to handle any water heater issue, from emergency repairs to upgrades and installations.

Water Purification Solutions Near Me

Reliance Home Comfort offers a wide range of products to help improve your home comfort including water purification systems. Book your free in-home water assessment and consultation to learn more about our water purification solutions; water softeners, reverse osmosis and alkaline filters, whole-home chlorine and iron filter and UV water disinfection systems.

Call on Reliance™ in Maple Ridge We’ll take your call 24/7/365 and give you fast, friendly, and knowledgeable support and advice.

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