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Stoney Creek Furnace Repair – Reliance Home Comfort™ gets your emergency furnace problems fixed fast

 Stoney Creek Furnace Repair Service For Your Home When You Need It

Are you looking to repair your furnace? When it comes to fixing furnaces and addressing HVAC emergencies, we know only one speed: FAST.

Emergency Stoney Creek Gas and Propane Furnace Repair

The Reliance Stoney Creek team of Home Comfort Advisors and licensed heating technicians understand the importance of getting you comfortable as soon as possible. Our network of heating professionals and service fleet is one of the largest in Stoney Creek. That means more capacity to respond to your needs quickly.

Broken Furnace in Stoney Creek?

No heat? Unusual noises coming from the furnace room? You may have a broken furnace and need repair. Don’t wait until your house is freezing! Call now and get your heating system checked.

When It Comes To Urgent Furnace Repairs In Stoney Creek, Don’t Leave Anything To Chance

Furnaces don’t always break during regular office hours. They can happen during dinner or at 2 in the morning. With Reliance Stoney Creek, you can always reach a helpful representative. And we do mean always. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We Guarantee Our Furnace System Work

Plus, you’ll find comfort in knowing that we offer upfront, simple-to-understand pricing and a guarantee of satisfaction.

Licensed, Experienced Furnace Technicians in Stoney Creek

If you’re experiencing furnace issues, Call on Reliance™. We offer you more than five decades of experience and a large team of technicians primed to provide quick and superior service – the kind you’ll want to tell your friends and neighbours about.

Furnace Repair Service Everywhere in the Stoney Creek area

We’re everywhere that you are:

  • Cherry Beach
  • Ferris Park
  • Riverdale East
  • Fruitland
  • Cherry Heights

Call Now For Emergency Furnace Repairs in Stoney Creek

Click here to schedule furnace repairs and furnace maintenance. Call for emergency service.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us:

Why Choose Reliance

Many of our locations have been awarded Best of HomeStars 2024

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Furnace Repair Checklist

We’re always happy to send one of our expert furnace repair technicians to your home. But before we do, and to avoid extra expense and frustration, have you checked the following?

Is your thermostat set to “heat”?

It happens to the best of us and, from summer into winter, we forget to switch the thermostat setting from cooling to heating. Have a quick look and make sure!

Is your furnace switch set to “on”?

The furnace switch – or disconnect switch – is a safety feature that disconnects power to your furnace. It’s usually found on the side of your equipment or on the wall. Sometimes, something leaning against it shuts it off or someone in your home may switch it off and forget to turn it back on. Double-check your switch.

Is the circuit breaker on?

Believe it or not, it’s possible the circuit breaker that controls your furnace heating may have shut off. Check the breaker panel in your home and make sure the power to the furnace is set to “on”.

Have you checked the furnace vents?

Furnaces can sometimes work improperly or not at all if snow, slush, soil, garbage or small animals hiding away clog up air vents that lead from the outside of your home to your heating system. A Reliance technician can do a proper inspection, but you may want to take a quick look just in case.

Does your furnace filter need to be replaced?

One of the most common reasons for heating equipment not performing as it should can be a dirty filter. If you haven’t changed yours in more than three months, it could cause or contribute to issues with your home’s heat.

If you’ve discovered any items on this checklist – or something else doesn’t seem right – don’t hesitate to give us a call. Call on Reliance™.

Click here to schedule furnace repairs and furnace maintenance in Stoney Creek.

Call for emergency service.

If you’re experiencing a furnace problem, Reliance is here to help

Don’t let a broken furnace leave you in the cold. No matter the make, model, or your location, call Reliance heating to schedule your heating repair and maintenance. We’ll be there to help with the right solution if your furnace is not blowing heat into your home.

With our fast and efficient expert furnace technicians, we get the job done right – and promise to make your home comfortable again. Read more about furnace repair at our furnace resources.

With Reliance Home Comfort™, you’ll benefit from:

Simple, straightforward pricing

We’ll tell you how much your service visit will cost before repairs begin on your heating system to have your home back to normal with regular heat again.

Fast, professional response 24/7, 365 days a year

Including access to one of the largest networks of licensed expert furnace technicians near you, from Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg, to Ottawa, Toronto and most anywhere in between.

10% off your furnace repair bill1

When you sign up for any Maintenance or Protection Plan.

Flexible payment options

For your convenience, Reliance accepts MasterCard, Visa, as well as payment by cheque.

The best guarantees in the business

If the heating equipment we install doesn’t perform as stated and heat your home to your satisfaction, we’ll remove it and return 100% of your investment. If your furnace doesn’t keep you comfortable during the first year, we’ll fix it for free, including all parts and labour2, and we’ll write you a cheque for $500 for any frustration and aggravation3.

Learn more about all our guarantees3.

Our Furnace Technician Code of Conduct

Promises service excellence by: calling ahead, treating your home with care, taking appropriate precautions to reduce any safety risks, maintaining professionalism, diagnosing first, providing you with options, explaining what is to be done and what has been done, and being clear and transparent about any repair or maintenance costs.

Click here to schedule furnace repairs and furnace maintenance in Stoney Creek.

Call for emergency service.

*Replacement is subject to standard rental terms & conditions. Subject to exclusions set out in the standard rental terms & conditions.

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