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How to Keep Your Cooling and Heating Equipment Running Smoothly All Year Round

Do soaring summer temperatures leave you desperately searching for ways to keep cool, like hitting the nearest beach or pool or staying indoors with the air conditioner cranked? Now imagine if your air conditioner conked out on you just when you needed it most.

With your furnace tucked away in your utilities closest and your air conditioner installed outside your home, they’re easy to forget about – until they stop working. If your air conditioner breaks down in the middle of a heatwave or your furnace stops working on an ice-cold February night, you want to make sure you’re prepared for any type of worst-case scenario that may arise.

Here are some essential tips to help keep your heating and cooling systems healthy all year round:

Change Your Filters

Air filters play an important role in your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.) By preventing dirt and dust from entering your equipment, air filters help to ensure that your system isn’t putting in overtime to keep your home comfortable. These filters also help remove pollutants from the air and help to maintain optimal air quality in your home. If the filter hasn’t been changed in a long time, it can get clogged enough with dirt that it could potentially even stop your furnace from working.

Your air conditioner runs on your furnace, so you need to keep the filter clean in the summer too, to help keep your ac working efficiently. Changing your filter regularly (following the manufacturer’s recommendation) will help keep your HVAC system in tip-top condition.

Call an Expert

Your furnace and air conditioner put in a lot of work throughout the year to keep you and your family comfortable, so you must have your equipment regularly serviced to help keep it running smoothly. At the beginning of the heating or cooling season, scheduling a tune-up with a trained professional to inspect and maintain your equipment is an excellent way to ensure your equipment is running as expected. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an air conditioning contractor or company to maintain your HVAC system and perform annual maintenance:

    • How well are the technicians trained, and does the company have a good variety of expert technicians specializing in different HVAC solutions?
    • Take some time to read their reviews online to determine if dedication to exceptional customer service is a top priority for the company

Get a Protection and Maintenance Plan

Depending on your home, desired level of protection and budget, there is a Maintenance and Protection plan to help suit your needs. Our plans are designed to help protect your home and your budget, and, most of all, bring you peace of mind. Here are some you may want to consider:

    • Cooling Protection and Maintenance Plan will help to ensure that your system runs efficiently all summer long. This plan ensures the annual maintenance for your air conditioner is covered, as well as most parts and labour costs if your system breaks down.
    • Similar to the Cooling Plan, the Heating Protection and Maintenance Plan covers your annual furnace maintenance as well as most repair costs. This means you’ll have access to the Reliance™ team of professionally trained experts that are ready to service your broken equipment and help you stay warm.

Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Loose debris can accumulate in your air ducts, especially after a home renovation. It’s important to make sure you have your air ducts cleaned regularly. We recommend hiring a professional and reputable duct cleaning company to thoroughly clean the ducts and vents in your home. Those on a tighter budget may want to consider a DIY option.

Why Choose Reliance?

With all of Reliance’s protection plans, you get guaranteed service from our extensive network of qualified licensed technicians, customer support at your convenience with our 24/7/365 call centre, and many other benefits. Find out more here.

If you have any questions about the different protection plans available or want to learn more about any of our Home Comfort Solutions, Call on Reliance™ today.

Be sure to read our Ultimate Air Conditioning Guide to learn everything you need to know about making your home an oasis of cool this summer!

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