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6 Things to Consider When Choosing a New Central AC

How to Get the Right New Central AC for Your Needs Without Getting Hot Under the Collar

Choosing the perfect new air conditioning system can be a daunting task but the right new AC unit can make all the difference in maintaining home comfort especially during those scorching summer days. Central air conditioners not only circulate cool air but also help reduce humidity and improve overall air quality.

Here are 6 key considerations to keep in mind when selecting a new central air conditioner for your home:

1. Review the Energy Efficiency Rating for Your New AC Unit

When choosing a new central air conditioning unit it’s crucial to check the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). This rating measures the efficiency of the cooling system over a season of use. An ENERGY STAR® certified air conditioner offers greater energy efficiency requiring a minimum SEER of 14.5 or higher to qualify.* Base models can be as low as 13 SEER while older units may have even lower ratings. Read 13 Ways to Save on AC Cooling Costs.

2. Professional Installation Is Crucial for Your New Air Conditioner System

Hiring a reputable AC contractor like Reliance® is essential for a successful installation. We will perform a cooling load calculation (explained below) for your home, provide detailed information about the AC unit and its SEER rating, answer warranty-related questions, and offer a service contract for your new AC.

3. Select the Right Size for Your New Central AC Unit

To ensure optimal performance your local AC contractor should conduct a cooling load calculation before recommending an AC unit size. The cooling load refers to the amount of cooling required to maintain comfort in your home. Factors influencing this calculation include the size of your home, window area, insulation levels, and home orientation. Read our Air Conditioner FAQs.

Installing an air conditioner unit that’s too large will cause frequent cycling, reducing efficiency and failing to dehumidify your home, making it feel hotter. Conversely, an undersized AC unit won’t meet the demands on a hot, humid day.

4. Sound Levels Matter When Choosing Your New Air Conditioner

Comfort should be felt, not heard. Air conditioner sound ratings are expressed in bels. The lower the sound rating, the quieter the AC unit operates.

5. Evaluate the Warranty for Your New Central AC System

Most respected AC manufacturers offer 10-year warranties with some models including lifetime coverage on the compressor, a critical and costly component of the central air conditioning system.

6. Take Advantage of Promotions on New AC Units

Check for ongoing promotions on heating and cooling equipment. For example, Reliance™ regularly offers deals on AC units which can help you save money.

And on a Final Note… Don’t Forget Annual Maintenance for Your New AC

While we’re focused on purchasing a new AC, it’s also important to consider regular maintenance. Many AC manufacturers recommend annual maintenance to avoid unexpected repair costs and ensure your AC unit runs smoothly and efficiently year after year.

By considering these factors you can confidently choose the right new AC unit for your home, ensuring comfort without the hassle.

Want to do more research? Dive into our Ultimate Air Conditioning Guide!

*The ENERGY STAR® name and symbol are administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada and are registered in Canada by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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