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Get Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer Video

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Welcome to Reliance Home Comfort’s how-to series. My name is Dean Murray. Today we’re going to talk
about your air conditioner and getting it ready for this season. Let’s get started.
The first thing you may want to consider is having Reliance come out and have the
unit maintained. It’s recommended by most manufacturers that regular annual maintenance
make sure you’re getting as much efficiency as you can out of your air conditioning unit.
The second thing to be aware of is make sure you’ve taken that winter cover off because
it can really compromise the unit if you’re accidentally turned it on with the cover still on.
The other thing to make sure of is your disconnect
box is set to on versus off to make sure the unit comes on when needed.
The other thing to make sure is there’s nothing blocking the unit around. You
want to have at least 2 to 3 inches of space between a bush or grass or possibly even some
gardening you’ve had. This allows the unit to breathe properly throughout the summer season.
On top of that at the beginning of the season make sure you use a garden hose
just to clear it off again to make it more effective so that
through the summer season it can keep up to keeping that hot air out of your home.
One of the key reasons annual maintenance is recommended for outdoor air conditioning
units is over time, Mother Nature can wear away on the different piping and
wiring in the unit and by having annual maintenance you can make sure something
like this isn’t something you really should be correcting in the future.

Welcome to the Reliance Home Comfort Video Series. In this ‘How-To’ video we show you how to get your air conditioner ready for the summer ahead.

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