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Kelowna Furnace Repair – Reliance Home Comfort® Gets Your Emergency Furnace Problems Fixed Fast

Kelowna Furnace Repair Services by Reliance Wightman Mechanical™

Are you looking for a reliable furnace repair service in Kelowna? Look no further than Reliance Wightman Mechanical. Our licensed and experienced furnace technicians can fix any brand or model of furnace quickly and efficiently.

Emergency Kelowna Gas and Propane Furnace Repair

Do you have an urgent furnace problem in Kelowna? Our Home Comfort Advisors and licensed heating technicians are available 365 days a year to provide emergency furnace repair services. We understand the importance of getting your heating system fixed as soon as possible, so you can stay comfortable in your home.

Fast and Reliable Furnace Repair Service in Kelowna

At Reliance Wightman Mechanical, we know that time is of the essence when it comes to furnace repairs. That’s why we offer fast and reliable furnace repair services in Kelowna. Whether you have no heat or unusual noises coming from your furnace room, our skilled technicians can diagnose and fix the problem quickly.

Guaranteed Satisfaction and Up-Front Pricing

We stand behind our furnace repair work with a satisfaction guarantee. Plus, we offer up-front, simple-to-understand pricing, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Licensed Furnace Technicians Serving the Kelowna Area

Our team of licensed furnace technicians has over five decades of experience serving homeowners in Kelowna.

Schedule Your Furnace Repair or Maintenance Appointment

Today Don’t let a broken furnace make your home uncomfortable. Schedule your furnace repair or maintenance appointment today. Our friendly representatives are always available to help you by phone 24/7.

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Furnace Not Working Properly? Check Out Our Troubleshooting Checklist.

Our furnace repair technicians are always happy to come to your home. But to help you avoid the cost and inconvenience of an unnecessary service call, check the following before you call for help:

  • Is your thermostat set to “heat”? It’s easy to forget to switch the setting when the temperature drops.
  • Is your furnace switch set to “on”? The furnace switch is a safety feature that disconnects power to your furnace. You can usually find it on the side of your equipment or on the wall. Sometimes this switch is turned off by mistake, or by someone who forgets to turn it back on. It’s worth a look if your furnace isn’t working!
  • Is the circuit breaker on? Occasionally, the circuit breaker that controls your furnace shuts off. Check your home’s breaker panel and double-check your switch.
  • Are your furnace vents blocked? Your furnace may stop working, or work improperly, if the vents that lead from the outside of your home to your unit become clogged with snow, slush, dirt, garbage, or small animals hiding away. It may be worthwhile to take a quick look, but a thorough vent inspection should be left to a professional.
  • Do you need to replace your furnace filter? A dirty filter is one of the most common reasons for a furnace to underperform. It’s also one of the easiest things to fix. If your furnace filter hasn’t been changed in more than three months, it could affect your home’s heat. Not sure which filter is right for your furnace? Your Reliance Home Comfort advisor can help!

If you’ve identified a problem on this checklist, or found something else that doesn’t seem right, give us a call! It’s our privilege to serve you.


*Replacement is subject to standard rental terms & conditions. Subject to exclusions set out in the standard rental terms & conditions.

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