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Get a New Standby Generator from Reliance® and Make No Monthly Rental Payments for 6 Months*

A standby generator could provide peace of mind during power outages, helping to keep your family safe and comfortable. Trust Reliance for dependable backup power solutions that you can rely on when you need them most.

Benefits of Renting a Standy Generator:

  • Keep Your Home Running: A home standby generator helps ensure that your essential appliances and devices keep running during a power outage.
  • Peace of Mind: With a standby generator, you can rest easy knowing that you and your family are safe and comfortable during a power outage.
  • Professional Installation: Includes standard installation by our expert technicians, making the process quick and hassle-free.*
  • Affordable: With easy monthly payments, our offer allows you to have a standby generator without breaking the bank.
  • Repairs Included: In the unlikely event that something breaks, we’ll take care of repairs.**

Limited-Time Offer: Don’t wait until it’s too late! Call on Reliance to learn more about this incredible offer and help ensure that you never have to worry about power outages again.



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When the power goes out – no one wants to be left in the dark.
Blackouts are inconvenient; the virtual meeting cut off, the lights going out, the stove not
working and the endless questions from the kids asking what happened to the Wi-Fi. And
then there is that final moment when the battery in your phone dies. Welcome to the Dark Ages.
In extreme cases where the power is out for a considerable amount of time there could
also be the expense of groceries spoiling in the fridge, or potential safety issues
when it is -30 out and you don’t have heat or hot water. Losing power during extreme
weather conditions can be serious business.
We can’t stop power outages from happening, but what we can do is help to minimize their
impact on our homes.
Being prepared for a power outage can provide real peace of mind – and by taking a few
simple steps, you should be able to stay safe and comfortable.
Think ahead. Be sure to create a plan so that everyone understands what to do in the case
of an emergency. It can outline safe exit routes, meeting places and designated roles
for family members.
An emergency contact list is also important and should include your local hydro provider
so that you can quickly report the outage and keep in touch for news and updates.
It’s always a good idea to maintain a well-stocked and easily accessible emergency kit. You never
know when events like power outages may occur, and you’ll want to be prepared.
Flashlights & New Batteries
Candles & Matches
First Aid Supplies
Bottled Water
Non-perishable Food Items
Emergency Radio
and Cash
And don’t forget to re-stock your kit after each use.
You’ll want to protect your sensitive electrical items such as computers, televisions and certain
home appliances by unplugging them or using surge protectors to avoid damage if the power
And don’t forget…
To keep mobile phones fully charged – with a battery back-up
Keep your vehicle gas tanks full
Don’t open your fridge or freezer unnecessarily
Make sure that your carbon monoxide detectors have battery backup
And if the outage happens during the winter months and lasts long enough that frozen pipes
are a concern, you can create a slow drip on both hot and cold water faucets in the
kitchen and bathroom to help prevent frozen pipes from bursting.
One of the ways that you can help to keep your family safe, warm and connected is with
a backup generator from Reliance™.
It’s a smart investment for Canadian Homeowners and one that can help offset the disruption
of a power outage by getting you powered back up in seconds and helping to avoid any potential
loss or damage.
A home standby generator is a backup electrical system that comes on automatically to provide
power in the event of a blackout – whether you are home or away.
They are installed outside your house like an air conditioning unit – and within seconds
of detecting a power outage, they automatically distribute backup power to your entire home
or to cover select electrical loads.
The great thing is that there won’t be any more sitting in the cold and the dark worrying
about when the power is going to come back on. No heating or cooling loss, no food to
worry about and no missing work or all-important video game tournaments.
Backup generators of this type run on natural gas or propane, depending on your supply,
and are fairly easy to maintain.
Reliance makes it easy to be ready for the next power outage – and our Home Comfort
Advisors and licensed electricians can help you choose a generator that is the right size
for your home.
And while buying can make sense for some homeowners, many Canadians prefer the peace of mind and
flexibility that comes with renting their backup generator from Reliance.
You’ll get expert installation
24/7 live telephone support
No charge for repairs
Service, as soon as same-day, including weekends and holidays, all for one affordable monthly
To book your FREE in-home consultation today, Call on Reliance™.

*This offer is only available in select areas to new residential generator rental customers and excludes Builders and Commercial applications. Rent a Generac Generator starting at $179.99 per month plus applicable taxes ( 6.59% APR in Ontario). Prices may vary based on size of the equipment rented by customer. Customers who rent the promotional equipment could receive a 100% discount on their monthly rental payments, excluding tax, for the first 6 months of their 84-month lease agreement. Subject to rental terms and conditions. Cannot be combined with other Reliance offers or discounts. Rental rate excludes electrical panel upgrades and assumes no lift equipment is required (scaffolding etc.). Reliance’s offer expires on Aug 8, 2024. We reserve the right to change or cancel this offer without prior notice. Contact us for details.

** Replacement is subject to standard rental terms & conditions. Subject to exclusions set out in the standard rental terms & conditions.

ECRA/ESA #7012884