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Is Your Furnace Not Working Properly?

Experiencing furnace or HVAC system issues right now? Indoor temperatures starting to dip? Do you live in Ottawa or surrounding area and need your furnace to be repaired by a qualified technician?

We know that there isn’t a moment to waste, so we’ll be brief about why Reliance Ottawa should be the first – and only.
What Makes Us Different: A large fleet and network of licensed technicians
What It Means For You: Unlike smaller companies, we have more capacity to quickly respond to your heating emergency.

What Makes Us Different: Our pricing is simple, clear and delivered in advance
What It Means For You: No surprises. You know exactly what you’ll pay before your furnace is repaired. For your convenience, we accept MasterCard, Visa and cheque

What Makes Us Different: 24/7/365 Live Telephone Support
What It Means For You: No answering machine. No automated chat. You can talk to a representative every minute of the day and night.

What Makes Us Different: We’re a top-rated heating and cool provider in Ottawa
What It Means For You: We’ve won the trust and respect of thousands of Ottawa homeowners over the years. For proof, check out our reviews on HomeStars and Google Plus reviews

What Makes Us Different: The best service guarantees in the business 3
What It Means For You: We go beyond merely promising amazing customer service and support. We put it in writing.

Need more reasons to call Reliance Ottawa?

Our roots go back more than 50 years in all areas of home comfort. We’ve been striving to provide homeowners throughout the Greater Ottawa Region with industry-leading customer service. We’re always upping our game to to better your needs.

  • We repair and maintain all furnace makes and models
  • Our Furnace Technician Code of Conduct promises service excellence by calling ahead, treating your home with care, being clear and transparent about any repair or maintenance costs, and much more
  • No matter where you live in Ottawa or the Greater Ottawa Region, we’ll be there for you with fast, efficient furnace repairs:
  • The Glebe
  • Carleton Square
  • Centretown / Golden Triangle
  • Kanata Lakes / Marchwood-Lakeside
  • ByWard Market
  • Orleans Village
  • Sandy Hill
  • Centretown West / Little Italy / China Town
  • Westboro
  • New Edinburgh
  • Plus, you’ll save 10% on furnace repair bill1 if you’re a Reliance customer with a Maintenance or Protection Plan

You may save yourself a service visit with this Furnace Repair Checklist

  • It happens to all us. Sometimes we forget to switch our HVAC systems from “Cool” to “Heat”. Every now and then, we accidentally turn off the circuit breaker to our furnace. Go through these simple steps to determine whether your furnace issue is something you can fix yourself.
  • Check to see if your thermostat is set to HEAT? During the changing of the seasons, like from Summer to Fall, some homeowners will forget to make the switch.
  • Make sure your furnace switch set to ON. The furnace switch is a safety feature that disconnects power to your furnace. If it’s been turned off by accident, your HVAC system won’t (and can’t) deliver heat. You’ll likely find the furnace switch on the side of your HVAC system or on a nearby wall.
  • Pay a visit to your home’s breaker panel and see if the circuit breaker that controls your furnace has been turned off.
  • Check the furnace vents that lead from the outside of your home to your heating system. If there’s something impeding air flow – snow, soil, garbage and so on – your furnace’s performance could be impacted. One of our technicians would be happy to inspect your vents to ensure there’s proper air flow.
  • Is your furnace filter dirty? Manufacturers typically recommend replacing filters every three months. On occasion, a clogged filter can adversely impact a furnace’s performance.

We treat you and your home with respect.

Reliance Ottawa heating technicians are licensed, and factory trained to work all major furnace and HVAC brands. Equally important, they pride themselves on providing you with truly exceptional service. Any furnace repairs will be explained to you in clear, no-nonsense language. Your technician will fix your system as efficiently and quickly as possible. And once the clean up is done, you’ll forget they were even in your home.

What kinds of furnace repairs are the most common in Ottawa?

Here are the top heating problems repaired by our technicians:

  1. Faulty ignitions
  2. Broken limit switches
  3. Furnaces cycling off and on continually
  4. Faulty thermostats that need replacements
  5. Loud or unusual noises
  6. Clogged drain lines

At Reliance Ottawa, we treat every furnace issue like a heating emergency.

A broken furnace can bring out the stress in all of us. That’s why we always strive to provide you with extraordinary service when you need us most. With over 50 years of experience, a large network of technicians, coverage of every neighbourhood in Ottawa, and live telephone support 24/7, you’ll be glad that you trusted us with your home comfort.

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