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Enbridge Gas is Ending their Open Bill Program & What That Means for You

Enbridge Gas has made the decision to discontinue its billing service for partner companies, specifically those listed under “Charges from Other Companies” on your Enbridge Gas invoices. If you’ve been seeing charges from Reliance Home Comfort® on your Enbridge Gas statements, you should expect a shift.

From now on, these specific charges will come directly from Reliance in a separate monthly bill. The good news for affected customers? Your monthly rates remain unchanged, and your rental equipment will still be serviced according to your agreed rental terms.

Switching to Reliance Email Billing is Easy!

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Use the convenient form provided on this page to securely update your billing preferences with Reliance, allowing you to get your monthly invoices via email.

Need More Information? Dive Into Our Comprehensive FAQ Section Below.

The Enbridge Gas Open Bill Program is a billing service offered to companies offering energy-related products and services such as Reliance where charges from these companies are included on your Enbridge Gas bill.

On your Enbridge Gas bill, there is a section called “Charges from Other Companies”. If you see ‘Reliance Home Comfort’ as a charge under this section, you are currently paying for one or more Reliance products through your Enbridge bill and will be transitioned to Reliance billing for these charges in 2023.

Effective December 31, 2023, charges for Reliance products can no longer be charged through the Enbridge Gas Open Bill Program. Reliance may transition customers to Reliance billing sooner than the end of 2023 to ensure an efficient billing change and no interruptions in service.

Most importantly, there will be no changes to your monthly rate or your existing terms and conditions. Beyond this, there will be some minor changes to your billing process:

On a monthly basis, you will start to receive a paper bill from Reliance. To receive your bills via email, register for e-billing by using the form on this page.

Your Reliance charges will no longer be covered by any pre-authorized payments you may have set up. To set up pre-authorized payments, you will need to register an account with myReliance – our online portal for viewing, accessing, and paying your bills by visiting, clicking on ‘Create Account’, and once you have created your account, clicking on ‘Pre-Authorized Payments’ located under the Payments section.

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