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Notice of Termination

Notice for Agents:

If you are providing this Notice of Termination on behalf of a Reliance Home Comfort® account holder, please be aware that we will require a valid agency agreement to be provided to us within 7 days or the earlier of

(i) the date of the agency agreement or

(ii) the date of the customer’s new water heater agreement. Reliance is not required to act on any agent’s instructions, including accepting water heaters from agents, without receipt of a valid agency agreement.

A sample of the form of agency agreement that Reliance will accept can be found by clicking here.

You must submit the Agency Agreement to:


Fax 1-855-324-4324

Reliance Home Comfort
Agency Agreement
Unit 4, 600 Jamieson Parkway
Cambridge ON N3C 0A6

Inquiries 1-866-767-1702

For Water Heater return locations, click here.

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Notice of Termination