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Tour the New Bill Design:

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hi we listened to you you wished our
bills were simpler so we redesigned the
bill to make it easier to read let us
show you around you can start with your
account section at the top to see your
account number and billing details we’ve
also added a service address section so
that you know exactly which address this
bill is for you can now clearly see a
quick and easy summary in your at a
glance section this shows you what you
owe and when payment is due this payment
usually stays the same every month but
if it should change you can check out
the charge details in the billing
details section you can see your
previous balance payments and balance
forward in our details section your new
charges will include your recurring
billing services these are usually
billed monthly but we’ve highlighted any
quarterly charges for you as well on
your first bill or any time that you add
a service you may see partial charges
the partial charge covers the periods
between the times that you added or
changed a service and your next billing
cycle for example if you added a service
three days before a billing cycle your
partial charge will appear like this
you’ll also see your one-time charges
and credits such as account setup fee or
installation fee
these typically occur only once and will
not reappear on another bill to recap
we’ve highlighted your total amount due
and due date at the end of your billing
details we’ve also outlined our easy
payments option at the bottom of the
bill here you can see the convenient
options for you to make a payment
including over the phone online by bank
or by cheque worried about missing a
payment you can also sign up for
pre-authorized payments conveniently on
our my reliance portal you can sit back
and relax knowing your bills
will be processed automatically at
Reliance we’re on a mission to go
paperless with bills and my reliance to
learn more visit reliance paperless comm
welcome to the new improved reliance
home comfort bill

Considering Paperless Billing?

Secure and convenient, myReliance makes it simple to manage all of your Reliance account needs.

How to read your Reliance Bill:

Click the green circles below to learn more about each section!

Account Information: Here you can find your 12-digit Reliance™ account number and billing details. Use this information to make payments, register for myReliance and when contacting Reliance.Address: the service address of the physical equipment, so you can easily identify what address this bill is for. Billing Details: including your previous balance, last payment and balance forward. Balance forward may include past due charges, these are payable upon receipt. Amount Due: Total amount to be paid and date by which new charges are payable in full to avoid any late payment charges. Bill Details: Find details of the charges related to your current billing period. On your First Bill or any time you add a service, you may see partial charges. A partial charge covers the period between the time you added or changed a service and your next billing cycle. These are your easy payment options.

Billing FAQs

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