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Air Conditioning Repair Experts in Milton

Fast Service. Friendly Air Conditioner Repair Technicians.

When your air conditioner breaks down, there’s not a second to waste. Let us quickly tell you why Reliance® Milton should be your first (and only) call for fast, professional air conditioner repairs.

  • All our technicians are fully licensed. That’s your assurance of quality and efficient repairs to virtually every brand and model of air conditioner system
  • We are “always-on” when it comes to answering your questions and scheduling service appointments. With our 24/7/365 Live Telephone Support, you could speak to a Reliance representative any time day or night – like right now!
  • We keep our promises – and have the positive customer reviews to prove it. Check them out on Google or HomeStars
  • We offer our customers the simplicity of fixed rate pricing – you never have to stress the hours as your air conditioner is being repaired
  • We have an upfront pricing policy. You’ll know how much repairs will cost before service starts – no unpleasant surprises later
  • Count on over 50 years of national home comfort experience. We have thrived when others have not. The secret? A commitment to making our customers 100% satisfied
  • Your technician is insured and bonded. Enjoy the peace of mind that you, your home and even your technician are fully protected

Whether you’re looking for air conditioner repairs, air conditioner maintenance or a new air conditioner system, we’re the place to contact in Milton. You also have the option to buy or rent an AC unit near you.

Our team believes you’ll be thrilled by our hard-working, skillful technicians, clear and fair pricing, and our commitment to making you a happy customer for life!

Interested in learning more about us and how we could deliver beyond your expectations? Read on.

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How to troubleshoot your Air Conditioner

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When the temperatures rise, the last thing you want is a problem with an air conditioner
that won’t turn on.
Or isn’t keeping your home as cool as you’d like.
An inefficient air conditioning system could also lead to higher energy and maintenance
costs over time.
Before you call an expert, there are a number of things you can do to try and determine
what the issue may be.
It may seem obvious, but make sure that your thermostat is turned to COOL.
This is something that can easily get forgotten after the winter season.
Also, if your thermostat uses batteries, check to see if they need to be replaced.
If the unit isn’t turning on at all, go to your main electrical panel and check to see
if the breaker has tripped.
If it has, reset the breaker.
If it immediately trips again once the AC unit is turned on, you should call a licensed
HVAC professional as there is likely an underlying problem with the equipment.
Take a look to see that the outdoor portion of the system is in good repair and that there
isn’t any grass, weeds or other debris that may be clogging the AC condenser.
Over time, this could cause inefficient cooling and higher energy bills.
And make sure that there is adequate space between the AC equipment and any buildings,
foliage or fences to allow for proper air flow.
Your air conditioner relies on the furnace to run even in the summer months.
Listen to your furnace to see if there are any unusual noises that could indicate an
issue with the blower motor or other internal parts.
Also be sure to keep the air filters clean and replace them if necessary.
Check to see that all vents are open and that nothing is blocking them.
If water is leaking from your air conditioning unit, turn it off immediately.
This could be the result of a clogged drain line or an issue with your air conditioner.
If this occurs, it’s time to call in a licensed specialist.
It may sound simple but keeping windows and doors shut while your AC is running can actually
be an effective way to stay more comfortable indoors and make sure that your equipment
isn’t working overtime to cool the warm air that is coming inside.
This will also help to keep your overall energy costs lower.
If you notice that your equipment isn’t cooling your home the way that it used to, or not
at all, it could be a variety of more serious issues like a problem with your refrigerant
level or your evaporator coil.
These problems require opening your system and professional repair that should only be
done by a licensed HVAC technician.
If you need assistance with any of your air conditioning maintenance or repair needs,
Call on Reliance.

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