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Family wrapped in Christmas lights while smiling with a decorated Christmas tree in the background

Holiday Cheer Starts With Keeping Your HVAC Clear

Keep Space Open Around Your Thermostat

Make sure the space around your thermostat is open and free of any decorations. A home thermostat works best at gauging your home’s temperature when it’s fully exposed. If it’s covered or hidden, it may incorrectly signal to your HVAC system to stay on too long or turn off too quickly, potentially compromising your comfort.

Don’t Hang Indoor Lights Near Your Thermostat

They may warm our hearts during the holidays but they can also warm your thermostat and cause it to provide false readings. This is a big reason why thermostats are usually installed in a neutral area of the home, away from sunny windows and outdoor drafts. Light up your home but keep the LEDs away from your thermostat.

Keep Vents Clear of Furniture and Decor

Ensure you don’t place holiday decorations – including your tree – over air vents. Blocking vents force your heating system to work harder than it needs to. Speaking of your tree, if your home has a natural one, placing it too close to an air vent may cause it to dry out more quickly and become a fire hazard.

Keep these holiday heating equipment tips in mind – they’re sure to help you stay comfortable and could help you save on your energy bill. Happy holidays!

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