How to Set up and Use Your Carrier Infinity System Control Thermostat

The Carrier Infinity System Control thermostat is full-featured and Wi-Fi capable, and its touchscreen makes for easy setup and use. Some of the Infinity thermostat’s settings are designed for you to use as a homeowner, while other features are for installers and technicians. But rest assured, everything you see in this video is intended for use by homeowners like you.

We created this video to walk you through every step you need to know to program and use your new thermostat if you can’t have an expert Reliance™ technician visit your home. We are always here if you need us, though. Just Call on Reliance to book your in-home set-up if you have any trouble operating your Carrier Infinity System Control thermostat.

Listed below, you will find some helpful timestamps that are visible along the timeline of the video. These can help you skip to the features and functions you are looking for.


0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Display and WiFi
1:56 – Mode Setting
2:47 – Features menu
3:20 – Comfort Profiles Features
4:21 – Setting Humidity
4:41 – Window Protection
5:08 – Create Schedules
6:46 – The Menu button
7:07 – Energy Tracking
7:37 – Occupancy Function
8:30 – Setting Vacation Mode
9:34 – Set Weather location

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