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Returning your water heater

Contact us at 1-866-767-1702 or send an email to if you have any questions about water heater returns.

If you are returning a rental water heater belonging to Reliance, please follow the process described on this site as any failure to do so may complicate or otherwise delay the return and/or termination of your rental. All customers or their agents should review the tabs below to ensure they are adhering to Reliance termination, agency and return processes.

Customers and Agents in Enbridge Gas Areas:

Prior to removal of the water heater, the Reliance account holder or a duly authorized agent acting on behalf of the account holder (“Agent”) should contact Reliance at 1-866-932-5806 to confirm account and tank details necessary for the return process.

Anyone seeking to act as an Agent must provide Reliance with a valid agency appointment signed by the account holder.
NOTE: Your rental water heater contract may also include specific terms and conditions regarding its termination. Please carefully review the terms and conditions of your contract or call Reliance at 1-866-767-1702 if you have any questions.