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Right now, you could save up to $750 on Reliance® Water Purification Systems including Water Softeners, Iron Filters and Reverse Osmosis Systems! *

Here’s how it works:

Buy 1, you save $200
Buy 2, you save $450
Buy 3, you save $750!


  • Help reduce the effects of hard water and enjoy softer water with a new Water Softener
  •  Drink potentially better-tasting water that has been filtered through a Reverse Osmosis System
  • Help eliminate the stains caused by too much iron in your water

Any of these issues all too familiar? You may need a water purification system to help solve it.

This offer ends March 31, 2024. Fill out the form to book your free no-obligation consultation and to receive a free quote.

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Do you ever notice a funny taste or smell with  your tap water that has you reaching for the
bottled variety? If so, it may be time for a  Reverse Osmosis Filter System from Reliance.
Reverse osmosis or RO, is a very effective  filtering method that removes contaminants
and impurities from your drinking water. It’s  a convenient and economical way to improve
purity and taste. The Reliance Reverse Osmosis  System goes through four levels of filtration
that reduces substances such as chlorine, sodium,  sediment and other types of contaminants from your
water. The space-saving units can be conveniently  installed by one of our licensed plumbers
at the point of water use such as under your  kitchen sink. Once the system is in place, you
can start enjoying better-tasting water right away  with a daily capacity of over 189 litres per unit.
Our RO System is certified to NSF standards and is  performance-tested for safe worry-free operation.
And filter replacement is quick and easy with  no complicated tools or messy cleanup required.
Nadia Kotsos is a holistic nutritionist and  owner of the popular Drink Juice Co, in Toronto,
Ontario and she understands the importance of  using only the freshest ingredients for her
creations. Her Summertime Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade  recipe takes refreshing to the next level by using
only water purified through reverse osmosis and  here she shares the recipe that you can make in
your own kitchen. Hi everybody, my name is Nadia  and I’m the owner of Drink Juice Company. Today
I’ll be teaching you how to make a very healthy  lime-lemonade using ingredients like cold-pressed
lime, lemon, herbs and reverse osmosis water which  is the purest form of water that I’ve used and why
I continue to use it here at the store. So we’ll  start and get started with all of our herbs here.
I’ll get some sage, mint, thyme, rosemary and  fresh basil and then we’ll start muddling them
in our container here. The reason why we like  herbs is because of that flavour profile. So the
reason why they have such a strong flavour profile  is because they’re filled with nutrients. I think
it’s very important to have fresh-pressed lemon  and lime juice. You can easily squeeze lemon,
lime at home. Makes all the difference. So now  we’ll add our honey. So what’s really important
is the flavour of everything I never use water  from a tap. I always use a filtered water.
Reverse osmosis is my go-to especially here in the  store. We’re just going to stir this all together
and we’re going to let it sit and marinate a  little bit more and you can pop that right into
the fridge, or if you like you can dump some ice  in there and start serving right away. Thank you
so much for watching! I hope you have a chance to  make this delicious, healthy recipe at home. Happy
juicing! Whether you buy rent or take advantage  of one of our water purification bundles, Reliance
has a solution to meet your needs. And when you  rent, you can take advantage of 24/7 live support,
ongoing repairs when you need them and replacement  filters delivered straight to your door, all at
one low affordable monthly cost. To book your  free in-home water test, Call On Reliance today.

EQUIPMENT: Water Softeners, Iron Filters, Reverse Osmosis

This offer is only available to customers who purchase one of the following water purification systems: Water Softener (approximate value of $2500), Iron Filters (approximate value of $2500), Reverse Osmosis System (approximate value of $1485) (each a “System”). Customers who purchase one System will receive a discount of $200 off Reliance’s regular price for their purchased System; customers who purchase two Systems will receive an aggregate discount of $450 on their purchase; Customers who purchase all three Systems will receive an aggregate discount of $750 on their purchase. Applicable taxes are extra. This offer is non-transferable and cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer expires March 31, 2024. We reserve the right to change or cancel this offer at any time for any reason. Contact us for details. Quantities are limited. While supplies last.