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smart air

SmartAir™: One of the Top Furnace and Air Conditioning Brands We Carry to Help Ensure Your Comfort

More than 50 years of Reliance Home Comfort® quality, reliability and service have gone into our trusted brand of SmartAir furnaces, air conditioners and all-season HVAC systems.

Whether you need a furnace replacement, HVAC or air conditioner, SmartAir eco-friendly heating and cooling systems are designed with reliability, energy-efficiency, ease of use and affordability in mind. SmartAir offers the best value and quality in home comfort products. Plus, they’re backed by the best warranties and guarantees in the business from Reliance.

Reliable Comfort and a Lifetime of Savings.

SmartAir’s technology results in energy efficiency


Advanced SmartAir furnace and air conditioner technology results in exceptionally low energy usage, which can mean substantial savings from energy efficiency.

SmartAir’s eco-friendly cooling systems


SmartAir air conditioner condensing units use refrigerant that doesn’t contribute to ozone depletion and meets or exceeds world environmental standards.

SmartAir’s quiet heating and cooling systems

Quiet satisfaction

Both SmartAir heating and cooling systems are designed to offer consistent comfort with quieter operation.

Keeping You Comfortable with Furnace, AC & HVAC Systems All Year Round

Air Conditioners

SmartAir air conditioners deliver superior Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings (SEER) that can help you save on your energy bills. Cooling systems are available in a variety of sizes to suit any home and may qualify for government rebates – for even more savings.


SmartAir furnaces modulating systems reduce temperature fluctuations for more consistent comfort, quieter operation and up to 98% heating efficiency. And with our two-stage feature – high for cold winter days and low for milder days – you’ll enjoy heat distribution that’s more even than single-stage systems.

*SmartAir products are only available in select markets. Contact us for details.

A Wide Selection of Top Brands

Reliance Home Comfort™ carries an extensive lineup of brand-name products. Let us help you choose the right home comfort solution to meet your needs.

SmartAir R96V

SmartAir R96V

  • Converts up to 96% of every dollar spent on gas into heated air for your home.
  • 2 stages of heating.
SmartAir: RP20

SmartAir: RP20

  • Multi-stage heating and cooling.
  • Pair with R96V to see how much you may qualify in rebates.
SmartAir 100 Furnace & Air Conditioner

SmartAir 100 Furnace & Air Conditioner

  • 92% AFUE furnace
  • Includes winter cover
  • Includes convenient programmable thermostat

For Total Home Comfort, Rely on SmartAir – and on Reliance.

Call us today or book a free in-home consultation online. An expert Home Comfort Advisor can outline all your options, help you choose the solution that meets your needs and provide you with a FREE no-obligation quote.