Water Heater Rental: Get a worry-free supply of hot water

For many homeowners, renting a Reliance water heater makes sense because it eliminates most of the worries of ownership. It also means you enjoy better quality equipment at an affordable rate. Reliance™ offers a wide range of water heaters to suit the needs of every homeowner.

Why choose Reliance?

Why rent from Reliance™?

What’s more comforting than a hot bath? Knowing your water heater is protected under the Reliance Home Comfort™ Water Heater Rental** plan. For an affordable monthly rental price, you get:

  • Free standard installation

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Buying a Water Heater

Before you buy a new water heater, consider the following:

  • Buying a water heater can involve an upfront cost but no monthly rental fees
  • When you own your water heater, you are responsible for the cost of maintenance and repairs

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Why choose Reliance?