Congratulations on the purchase of your new home!

Schedule your FREE 12-point furnace tune-up* or for added peace of mind, get a complete 21-point heating and cooling preventative maintenance service Exclusively for AmeriSpec® clients*.

As you move into your new home, the last thing you want is to discover your furnace isn’t working like it should.

Preventative maintenance service from an experienced and fully licensed Reliance Home Comfort™ technician could help make sure all major components used to generate and circulate warm air in your furnace and through your home are working safely and at peak efficiency. Plus, a tune-up could extend the life of your equipment and help avoid potentially costly breakdowns.

To experience the Reliance™ Home Team Advantage™, book your FREE 12-point furnace tune-up by filling out the form on this page. Use your Amerispec document or inspection number, as your Promo Code to complete the form.

Looking for a more extensive preventative maintenance service?

As an AmeriSpec customer, you can upgrade your tune-up at an exclusive special rate. Reliance offers two 21-point tune-ups that provide a more extensive inspection and analysis of potential issues that could impact your equipment – for even more peace of mind:

  • 21-point furnace tune-up
    This inspection, valued at $189, offers all inspection points included in the 12-point tune-up, plus additional preventative maintenance – available at a special discounted price of $50* with your AmeriSpec home inspection information.
  • BEST VALUE à 21-point furnace and air conditioner tune-up
    Your furnace and air conditioner rely on many of the same components, working together to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Why not have them inspected at the same time and make sure you’re ready as soon as the warm weather rolls around? You can upgrade to a 21-point furnace and air conditioner tune-up, valued at $268, available for only $70* with your AmeriSpec home inspection information.

To book your Reliance tune-up, fill out the form on this page and select from the three tune-up options. Use your Amerispec document or inspection number, as your Promo Code to complete the form.

What’s in a tune-up?

12-pt Furnace 21-pt Furnace 21-pt Furnace & AC
1 Furnace: Check Thermostat
2 Furnace: Inspect Heat Exchanger (primary and secondary if applicable)
3 Furnace: Check / Lubricate Fan or Pump Motor (as applicable)
4 Furnace: Check Blower Motor Amps (as applicable)
5 Furnace: Check Filter System (clean / replace if customer has filter)
6 Furnace: Check Pilot Burner / Flame Rod (clean as required)
7 Furnace: Check Safety Controls (wiring / condition / application)
8 Furnace: Check and Adjust Heat Rise (as required)
9 Furnace: Test for Carbon Monoxide (flue / atmosphere)
10 Furnace: Check Humidifier Damper Position (seasonal – winter open)
11 Furnace: Inspect Gas Piping (code compliance)
12 Furnace: Inspect Chimney / Venting System
13 Furnace: Clean Burners (as required)
14 Furnace: Clean Blower (as required)
15 Furnace: Clean Secondary Heat Exchanger (as required)
16 Furnace: Check Condensate Pump / Lines (clean as required)
17 Furnace: Check Firing Rate (adjust as required)
18 Furnace: Inspect Electrical Connections (tighten, clean as required)
19 Furnace: Check System Airflow
20 Furnace: Locate / Identify System Switch and / or Breaker
21 Furnace: Camera Inspection (as required)
1 Air Conditioner: Check Thermostat (function, settings, location)
2 Air Conditioner: Check/Lubricate Furnace Fan Motor (as applicable)
3 Air Conditioner: Check Blower Motor amps (as applicable)
4 Air Conditioner: Check Filter System (clean/replace if customer has filter)
5 Air Conditioner: Check Contactor (clean as required)
6 Air Conditioner: Inspect Condenser Fan Motor and Blades
7 Air Conditioner: Check Condenser Coil (clean as required)
8 Air Conditioner: Check Compressor
9 Air Conditioner: Check Refrigerant Line Temperature
10 Air Conditioner: Check Evaporator Temperature Drop
11 Air Conditioner: Check Humidifier Damper Position (seasonal-summer closed)
12 Air Conditioner: Check Condensate Pump/Lines (clean as required)
13 Inspect Electrical Connections (tighten, clean as required)
14 Air Conditioner: Check Capacitors (for leakage/ function)
15 Air Conditioner: Check Electrical Loads/Current Draw
16 Air Conditioner: Clear Debris from Condenser
17 Air Conditioner: Inspect Service Valves
18 Air Conditioner: Clean Blower (as required)
19 Air Conditioner: Inspect Evaporator Coil (clean as required if accessible)
20 Air Conditioner: Locate/Identify System Switch and/or Breaker
21 Air Conditioner: Check and Advise Customer on Performance and Air Distribution


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