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Leadership Development Program

Leadership development team members doing presentation
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so being fresh out of university the LDP
program really gave me that diversified
experience that I was looking for
providing me the exposure to a large
number of different groups and people
across the organization’s reliance is an
extremely fast growing company so each
and every day is new and there’s lots to
learn from every single department that
I’ve rotated them to the mentorship
program has allowed me to expand my
network it is so great having someone
senior in the company to talk to you and
bounce ideas off of they’ve given me the
confidence to accelerate my personal and
professional growth I’ve had a great
experience with the mentorship program
and I’m sure you will too being in a
leadership program for me one of the
greatest things was being able to have
for one many different managers and many
different areas to look at different
components of the business so of course
rotating through and being able to learn
from each manager and each rotation and
being able to build networks within the
I’m Doug Hart vice president of sales
and marketing and reliance home comfort
when I speak to young people about what
they want when they graduate from
university they want an opportunity to
learn and progress and to take what
they’ve learned from University and
apply it in a real way to a new career
and this is why the reliance home
comfort leadership development program
is fantastic we give our LDP’s the
opportunity to roll up their sleeves and
make a real contribution to major
company initiative
we also give them an opportunity to
share new ideas in open environment
where all ideas are welcome and we give
them the opportunity to work within and
directly across all functions of the
organization and with our senior
executive team on a very regular basis
the reliance Leadership Program is a
fantastic opportunity for young people
to start their career
you won’t regret joining our program hi
everyone my name is Sean O’Brien I’m the
presidency of Alliance on comfort you’ve
heard a lot about our leadership
development program this is such an
important initiative for our
organization our team members join our
organization they bring their energy
their passion and their leadership
ability and make an impact on day one so
if you think you have what it takes to
really help us continue to win in the
marketplace I encourage you to apply
today it’d be great to see you on our
team they’re great to see you grow and
develop and more importantly to be
wonderful to see you make an impact
abberline zone comfort

Find Out What Members of Our Leadership Development Program Have to Say:

You’re smart, ambitious and passionate about what you do. Reliance® offers you the opportunity to make the most of your abilities. Our company leaders are also your mentors, and their goal is the same as yours — to help you learn the business and advance into a leadership position within three years.

As a new team member, you’ll have a chance to complete a variety of rotations within Sales, Operations and Finance in order to develop a sound understanding of Reliance culture and organization. With the support of your mentors, these rotations are designed to develop your skills as a well-rounded business leader and strategic thinker. Our Leadership Development Program is tailored to match your goals and career path and to set you up for future success, within Reliance and beyond.

In addition, your customized learning and development program may include:

  • Time management training
  • Communication sessions
  • Advanced interviewing techniques
  • Project management principles
  • Leadership training
  • Peer network lunch-and-learns
  • Mentoring from senior managers and executives
  • On-the-job coaching and shadowing

Reliance™ rotations:

  • Customer Information Systems Analyst
  • Marketing Product Analyst
  • Business Analyst, Project Delivery Unit
  • Customer Experience Analyst
  • Home Comfort Sales Advisor