Air Conditioner Buying Guide

If you’re experiencing problems with your current air conditioner or if your AC is so old and inefficient that the bills keep adding up – you definitely want to look at a new system.

But where do you start?

Well, when considering a new AC it’s important to remember that not all air conditioners are created equal and there are different options available: there are window units which are often used for temporary installations, in-wall units which are typically used in condos, and central air units which are usually found in houses.

If your home has an existing furnace – then a central AC unit will be your best option as they’re extremely efficient – potentially saving both energy and money.

Now, once you’ve landed on the system type – you want to consider 5 key areas: the brand, output capacity, installation, potential rebates, and lastly, how to maximize the life of your equipment.

When purchasing a new AC, you want to choose a trusted system that will stand up to years of use, is reliable, efficient, cost-effective, and if something does happen you need to know that parts and service are easily available.

At Reliance Home Comfort™, we work with the top brands in the industry

Output Capacity

An AC has to be sized for your home – a Reliance Home Comfort Advisor will help you choose the best option by considering your total square footage, sun exposure, the age of your home and its insulation, and your desired energy efficiency.


To get the most benefit out of a new system, you want to make sure it’s installed properly, so you want to hire an installation team that is well trained, experienced, and professional – after all, you’re placing your home comfort in their hands. A Reliance™ installation team will be able to ensure that your HVAC is properly installed in order to maximize comfort, longevity and efficiency.


Depending on the unit you choose and the area you live in, there may be government mail-in rebates and incentives available that can save you money. During an in home-consultation, the Reliance Home Comfort Advisor will discuss the programs available to you.


And lastly, you want to have an understanding of what your new equipment will require in terms of regular service and maintenance to make sure you get the maximum lifetime value from your system.

Remember, if you need a new AC, Call on Reliance™ to schedule time with a Reliance Home Comfort Advisor. You can count on our expertise to assess your home and make sure you get the right solution for you and your family.

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