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Get Solutions to Many Common Household Water Issues!

Any of these issues all too familiar? You may need a water purification system to help solve it.

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  • Rent a water purification solution for around $1 a day*
  • Enjoy softer water without the chlorine smell if you purchase a Reliance dual softener and chlorine filter
  • Drink potentially better-tasting water that has been filtered through reverse osmosis
  • Help reduce the effects of hard water with a water softener

To learn more, check out our Ultimate Water Purification Guide then Call on Reliance® for a free consultation and quote.

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The Ultimate Summertime Lemonade with Reverse Osmosis

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Do you ever notice a funny taste or smell with your tap water that has you reaching for the bottled variety? If so, it may be time for a reverse osmosis filter system from Reliance. Reverse osmosis (or RO) is a very effective filtering method that removes many contaminants and impurities from your drinking water. It’s a convenient and economical way to improve purity and taste The Reliance reverse osmosis system goes through 4 levels of filtration that reduce substances such as chlorine, sodium, sediment and other types of contaminants from your water. The space-saving units can be conveniently installed by one of our licensed plumbers at the point of water use, such as under your kitchen sink. Once the system is in place, you can start enjoying better-tasting water right away, with a daily capacity of over 189 litres per unit. Our RO system is certified to NSF standards and is performance tested for safe, worry-free operation. And filter replacement is quick and easy, with no complicated tools or messy cleanup required. Aside from a steady supply of clearer, great-tasting water, an RO system from Reliance… Helps reduce the amount of money you spend on single-use plastic water bottles or filters for refillable pitchers. And if you’re using less plastic, it can be a more environmentally friendly option for your drinking water supply. Nadia Kotsos is a Holistic Nutritionist and co-owner of the popular Drink Juice Co. in Toronto, Ontario, and she understands the importance of using only the freshest ingredients for her creations. Her summertime fresh-squeezed lemonade recipe takes refreshing to the next level by using only water purified through reverse osmosis, and here, she shares the recipe that you can make in your own kitchen. We love RO for our water system, and it’s been my preferred source here at the shop Having clear, pure-tasting water really makes a big difference with the flavour of these drinks And it’s always nice to know that most of the impurities have been removed from the water since that really important to me and my customers The RO unit is great – doesn’t take up much space at all Installation was super easy and it’s really low-maintenance, which is something I can really appreciate. 150 ml lime 100 ml lemon 125ml honey (Meligyris Honey from Crete is my go-to, but I also love trying this recipe with a local honey) 75ml boiled water 1250ml cold water 5 thyme sprigs 5 mint strings 2 tarragon sprigs 3 sage sprigs 2 basil sprigs Hand juice both lime and lemon, fresh is the only way. It’s worth the squeeze. Measure out your honey in a glass measuring cup, and slowly combine it with the 75ml boiled water to soften the honey to make it easy to mix. Add the freshly squeeze lime, lemon, thyme, mint, tarragon, sage, basil sprigs, cold water into a pitcher, slowly mix and stir in honey. Add more honey to taste and remove the herbs after one hour or to taste. Chill and serve for up to 5 days. Enjoy your nutrient-dense herbal lime and lemonade ❤ Nadia’s Pro Tip: Don’t worry about investing in an electric citrus juicer to prepare this lemonade. Squeezing those lemons to extract the juice yourself means “you’ll love every drop of your hard work that much more!” Whether you buy, rent or take advantage of one of our water purification bundles, Reliance has a solution to meet your needs. And when you rent, you can take advantage of 24/7 live support, ongoing repairs when you need them, and replacement filters delivered straight to your door – all at one low, affordable monthly cost. To book your FREE in-home water test and consultation, Call on Reliance™ today.

*Pricing only applicable in select markets. Monthly rental payment of $31.99 plus applicable taxes (13.59% APR in Ontario). APR varies by province. Minimum rental term is 84 months. No charge standard installation. Subject to terms and conditions. Subject to availability, not available in all areas. This offer is non-transferable and cannot be combined with any other offer. Contact us for details.

Products included in this offer: 30K Water Softener, Reverse Osmosis Filter, Chlorine Filter, and Dual Drinking Water Filter System