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The Reliance™️ Spring Home Comfort Checklist

It’s finally time to start dreaming of warm weather and long, lazy summer days. Get the most out of spring and summer by getting all the jobs around the house out of the way.

The Spring Home Comfort Checklist will help you keep everything on track! Be sure to click the download button so you can have the one-page version handy at home to check off yourself!

1. Reverse ceiling fans to spin counter-clockwise for the warmer weather

Living room with a ceiling fan

2. Book a tune up for your A/C or Heat Pump

Elderly couple sitting on couch using a tablet

3. Check and Clean Your Furnace Filters

Person removing the filter from their furnace

4. Clean and Inspect Your Humidifier

6 coloured sponges laid on a pink surface

5. Have a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)? Clean and Check the Filter

Close up of a red marker checking off tick boxes

6. Is It Time to Change Your Reverse Osmosis Filters? You Should Do This Once a Year

Close up of water being poured into glass

7. Inspect Your Fire Extinguishers

Close up of the top of a fire extinguisher

8. Restock Your Emergency Kit

Emergency kit contents laid against a black surface

9. Change Batteries in Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Woman changing the batteries of her carbon monoxide detector

10. Spring Clean Your Indoors – Getting Rid of Dust Can Help Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Man and woman dusting a living room

11. Check Your Plumbing Fixtures for Leaks or Clogs

Running water faucet against blue background

12. Check Your Smart Home System to Make Sure Everything Is Online

Man sitting on a couch happily using his smart phone

13. Have Your Sump Pump Inspected

Man happily using his smart phone

14. Inspect Water Heater for Leaks

Magnifying glass laid against blue background

15. Check Your Basement for Moisture, Mould or Cracks

Close up of crack in cement

16. Take a Walk around Your Home Exterior to Look for Any Winter Weather Damage

Close up of a red tulip with a white house in the background

17. Turn On Your outside Water Supply and Check for Leaks

Yellow garden house laid on grass

18. Clean Outdoor Smart Cameras, Doorbells and Locks

Close up of a smart home camera on the side of a house

19. Inspect and Test Your Generator

Generator outside

20. Remove Your AC Cover before Turning It On

Close up of the top of an air conditioner

Have questions about your heating and cooling system, water purification, smart home, air purification, water heaters, green home or generators? Call on Reliance™️ today to schedule time with one of our trusted Home Comfort Advisors. The advisor will assess your home and discuss your needs to find the right solutions for you and your family. Also, be sure to visit our Offers Page to find out the latest deals!

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