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Person sitting on a couch while smiling and looking at a Google Nest Hub

Stepping Up Your Home Entertainment Game with Smart Home Devices

New and different ways to have fun at home is something we can all appreciate right now. And Smart Home devices offer a ton of easy ways to stay entertained.

Enjoy Entertainment

We know smart devices, like the Google Nest Mini, can help you manage your home’s temperature, notify you of fire and carbon monoxide and even check who’s at the front door. But did you know that you can also stream music, and listen to audiobooks and podcasts on your Nest Mini? You can even ask Google about the weather, news, or almost anything. Try saying, “Hey Google, play some music” or even “Hey Google, how do you say, ‘French toast’ in French?” (It’s ‘pain perdu’). And as things get busier around the home, hear your personalized schedule, set timers, reminders, alarms and more – all hands-free!

Ready to play?

There are also lots of fun games you and your family can play on Nest Mini, too, right from the comfort of your sofa. And guess what? They don’t even require a screen.

Try saying, “Hey Google, let’s play a game” and you can choose from trivia, puzzles, and more. Or try playing SongPop where you’ll have to guess your favourite songs under pressure (it’s harder than you think!). And you can even play Jeopardy! with a cameo from the late great Alex Trebek. Just say, “Hey Google” to get started.

Want crisper vocals and powerful bass for all of the above? The Nest Audio can move your games, music, calls and more from speaker to speaker so your sound can follow wherever you are in your home.*

Smart Home & Chill

If you’re looking to chill with something a little more visually stimulating, you can use the Nest Hub Max to watch a variety of subscription streaming services. Play music, podcasts, and radio from popular services like YouTube. And you can now stream videos directly from YouTube. Your Nest Hub Max also works with Chromecast, so you can stream your favorite shows, movies or music on your TV using only your voice.

Smooth Entertainment without Connection Blackouts

And if you think multiple devices and home activities could slow down your Wi-Fi— Nest Wifi may be the answer. Nest Wifi points work together as a connected system, giving you and your family true whole-home coverage — no more dead zones, buffering or frustrating router issues.**

Plus, an easy-to-use app lets you see what devices are connected and offers family controls so you can pause Wi-Fi on your kids’ devices and prioritize devices you need to use right now.

To learn more about Smart Home solutions and how these products can work together check out our Ultimate Smart Home guide or Call on Reliance® anytime. We offer fast, expert and convenient installation, setup and safe in-home demonstration services. If you’re not tech savvy, we’ve got you covered. Our expert Smart Home Advisors and trained Smart Home Technicians will get you set up in no time!

Google, Chromecast, Nest Mini, Google Wifi, YouTube, Nest Audio and Nest Hub Max are trademarks of Google LLC.

*Nest Audio requires Wi-Fi, a nearby electrical outlet, a Google Account, and a compatible mobile device. Minimum OS requirements are available at

**Home size, materials and layout can affect how Wi-Fi signal travels. Larger homes or homes with thicker walls or long, narrow layouts may need extra Wifi points for full coverage. Strength and speed of signal will depend on your internet provider.

Subscriptions may be required for certain content. Additional terms, conditions and/or charges may apply. Nest Mini is optimized for selected content services only. Chromecast-enabled apps required.

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