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Person sitting on a chair in an office room with Google Nest products

Trends Spotlight: Remote Work Is Here To Stay

Working from home will continue to be our reality for the remainder of 2021 and, for many of us, the future of work well beyond that. As we settle in, makeshift dining room tables and couch “desks”, metal folding chairs and even beds will continue morphing into more comfortable ergonomic desks and office seating.

The technology we use to help us work more productively at home is evolving too. As Wifi bandwidth gets eaten up by working family members, doing Zoom calls, streaming videos, gaming or video chatting with friends, turn-of-the-century routers aren’t cutting it anymore.

Google Nest Wifi and Points

Solutions like Nest Wifi and Points work with your existing network to provide fast & efficient whole-home coverage. Additionally, the Google Nest App allows you to prioritize devices so you can have the best connection for that important work meeting with your boss.

Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max

The Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max can help make work completion from home a much smoother process. The Nest Hub or Nest Home Max acts like a personal receptionist to increase your productivity and keep your home connected from one sleek dashboard.

For those who seek broader security all around the outside of your home, the Nest Cam Outdoor is perfect for you. While running 24/7, you will be alerted with images directly to your phone if any suspicious movement is detected.

BREAKING NEWS! Google is rolling out Zoom support for its Nest Hub Max. The device update will automatically be able to detect and prioritize call traffic for Google Meet and Zoom, which may help make video calls less choppy.

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