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Nest doorbell with phone app display of doorbell camera

Google Nest Doorbell Is the Perfect Solution for Contactless Delivery

With the holidays coming up, we are making even more online purchases for our homes and our loved ones. We’ve got the smart home solution to help ensure the delivery of your packages is contactless and secure so that you don’t have to be at the door to receive them.

Reliance™ Smart Home Advisors are available to provide free consultation with personalized recommendations on the right smart home products to suit your needs or the needs of the person on your gift list. Plus they’ll consider your budget too. One of the offerings we’re particularly excited about is the Nest Doorbell.

It could help to keep your home safe and secure, and can help deter unwelcome visitors. Help make your life at home more comfortable and connected, for now and the years to come.

The Nest Doorbell is an amazing product. This safety-centric smart home gadget brings together the convenience of a video doorbell with the intelligence and the high quality of a Nest Camera. In addition to the live video feed from your front door, it sends you a mobile alert if someone approaches, rings the doorbell, or leaves a package. The high dynamic range (HDR) video quality shows sharp details even in dark areas and bright spots. The camera offers an incredible 160-degree field of view and the 4:3 aspect ratio ensures visibility of visitors head-to-toe from close range, as well as packages on the ground. The video feed is 128-bit data encrypted and has a two-step verification process, meaning the live feed is safe and secure in the Google cloud.

Some additional software that the Nest Doorbell has, gives you the ability to talk to anyone at your door remotely. The device is capable of pre-recorded messages for visitors, and offers real time communication with visitors. The HD talk-and-listen features have high quality audio, making two-way communication with doorstep visitors easier than ever before.

The live feed has strong motion-sensing capabilities, and will notify your phone whenever it detects a person, or any movement at all. From couriers dropping off your packages to your mail carrier, from your social-distancing family and friends to the neighbour needing to borrow a shovel, you will know whenever anyone is at your doorstep. With a Nest Aware subscription from Google, you can even get special alerts whenever the Nest Doorbell recognizes family or friends.

Whether you’re at home busy wrapping holiday gifts, or out buying groceries, the Nest Doorbell from Reliance could help keep you and your families safe and secure.

One of our Smart Home Advisors will customize the product recommendations to enhance the efficiency of your home. Reliance is recognized as having Nest Pro Elite status and installation of the doorbell, from the set-up to the programming, will be completely taken care of by one of our skilled and courteous technicians. They won’t leave your home until they have shown you how to use the Nest Doorbell and all of its special features.

With Reliance, repair and replacement are completely covered under your Smart Home rental plan**, and there are no upfront fees or other miscellaneous costs. Reliance provides ongoing service and support.

The Nest Doorbell could be your solution to safer contactless delivery, home monitoring and maintaining a social distance with anyone who stops by your front door this holiday season and beyond.

Love Smart Home products? Check out our Smart Home Bundles and find out how the Nest Doorbell pairs seamlessly with other products like the Nest Hub Max and Nest x Yale Lock. Our Smart Home Advisors will find you a bundle that meets your needs.

Want to learn more about how you can make your house a connected home? Check out our Ultimate Smart Home Guide!

Why Reliance™?

    • No upfront fees
    • Customized product recommendations from one of our Smart Home Advisors
    • Professional set-up, installation and programming by one of our trusted Technicians
    • Demonstration on the use of your Smart Home products
    • Repair and replacement**

Why You’ll Love It

    1. 24/7 streaming and continuous video recording
    2. 4:3 HD video designed to show people head to toe
    3. HDR video shows sharp details, even in bright and dark areas
    4. Person, motion and sound alerts to detect visitors
    5. Can recognize family and friends and send a special alert
    6. Pre-recorded quick responses – – Get an alert and talk to visitors at your door from anywhere.
    7. Package alerts – Get a notification when Nest Doorbell detects that a package has been deliveredetects that a package has been delivered

**In accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. 

Video recording requires a Nest Aware subscription (sold separately). Some features, including mobile notifications, video streaming and video recording, require working Internet and Wi-Fi.

Intelligent alerts require a Nest Aware subscription

Google, Nest Doorbell, Nest x Yale Lock and Nest Hub Max are trademarks of Google LLC

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