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Trends Spotlight: Another Year of Staycations

Our travel behaviour and plans may change in 2022 — or maybe not: more than half say they’ll opt to explore Canada when international travel picks up again. For now, we’re mostly staying close to home or choosing to venture just outside the city and suburbs to destinations with wide open spaces like provincial parks and cottage country.


58% of Canadians agree they want to do their part to support Canadian tourism by travelling locally


Whether you’re away from home for the day, at your own cottage for a weekend escape, or anywhere in between, Smart Home solutions protect you and your family and can be controlled remotely, no matter where you are.



Nest Cam Outdoor

About: This outdoor security camera is smart enough to detect suspicious movement and sound and will send an alert with an image directly to your phone or email so you can check out what’s going on from anywhere.**

Benefits: A built-in speaker and mic let you listen in and talk back. Scare off a would-be intruder or just let the delivery man know where to put a parcel. It plugs in to your power, so you don’t have to remember to change any batteries. It’s also weatherproof, even in storms.

Nest Hello Video Doorbell

About: This smart device allows you to safely and conveniently see who’s at your front door and chat with them – even if you’re not at home. You can even go back and view a snapshot history of visits outside your front door.**

Benefits: Receive notifications on your mobile device or PC and see, hear and speak to visitors in real time from anywhere. Answer your front door from anywhere. Prerecorded quick responses let you answer your door even when you can’t. Never miss a visitor. Detect visitors with person, motion and sound alerts.


Nest x Yale Lock

About: Imagine driving all the way to your second home and realizing you forgot your keys. With this device, you don’t need them. Offering the security of a Yale lock and the intelligence your Nest app this keyless deadbolt lock allows you to open and check the status of your door from anywhere.***

Benefits: Create unique passcodes for people you trust, and monitor who comes and goes from your phone. Smart enough to lock automatically, when the Nest knows you’re away. Smart enough to lock automatically, when the Nest knows you’re away. It also alerts you when batteries start to run low – and can be quickly recharged with a 9V battery so you’re never locked out.

Nest Protect

About: The Nest Protect smoke alarm and CO detector helps you detect danger, whether you’re at home or away. It tells you what’s wrong, tests itself, can be silenced from your phone, and so much more.*

Benefits: Nest Protect smoke alarm & CO detector sends phone alerts and light warnings when threats are detected, and self-checks the sensors and batteries. In the dark, Nest Protect offers a soft white light as you pass under it in the dark. It knows the difference between slow and fast-burning fires and can work with the Nest Thermostat to slow the spread of fire by turning off the heat.

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*Compatible smart devices required.

** Some features, including mobile notifications and remote control, video streaming, and video recording, require working internet and Wi-Fi.

*** Some features, including mobile alerts, remote control and custom schedules, require the Nest app, working internet and Wi-Fi, and Nest Connect or Nest Guard.

Google, Nest Learning Thermostat, Home Mini, Wifi, Nest Protect, Nest Secure, Nest x Yale Lock, Nest Cam IQ Indoor, Nest Hub, Nest Hello and Nest Cam IQ Outdoor are trademarks of Google LLC.


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