Get up to $1,000 rebate on a tankless water heater***

Effective April 28, 2017, the Government of Alberta is offering up to a $1,000 mail-in rebate*** for the installation of a new Energy Star® certified tankless hot water heater. The government rebate will go directly to you, the customer, once the project is complete. Reliance The Furnace Company is a participating contractor in the Alberta Home Improvement Rebate Program and we can assist you in the application process.

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A tankless hot water heater (also called an on-demand water heater) has many advantages over a conventional water heater, including:

  • An endless flow of hot water when you need it
  • Compact size, which saves space
  • Energy efficiency, which could reduce your utility costs
  • Environmentally friendly

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Rinnai® is one of the world’s largest gas appliance manufacturers, specializing in high-efficiency residential and commercial TANKLESS WATER HEATERS and HOME HEATING SOLUTIONS.

Rinnai water heaters are known for:

  • Innovative technology
  • Energy saving – eligible for many energy efficiency rebates
  • Compact design – about the size of a small suitcase
  • Flexible installation in non-traditional spaces – from crawl spaces to attics
  • Maximum efficiency and sustainability
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