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4 Signs It Could Be Time for a New Water Softener

We are often so busy going about our day-to-day lives that we don’t think about things around the house until they break. Or maybe you’ve just moved into a house and are not sure how old everything is. Home sellers will be able to tell you when the furnace went in and when they had the roof replaced but can they tell you the last time they got a new water softener?
If you live in an area that has hard water, a water softener is a very helpful piece of equipment to have in your home. If you have already checked to ensure that your water softener isn’t simply out of salt, these are some of the signs that it may be time to replace it.

You Are Noticing Soap Scum and Spots

If hard water has started creeping back into your life, you will know it when you see soap scum left behind on dishes and plumbing fixtures. Who wants to spend all that time trying to get spots off wine glasses that have already been washed?

Your Appliances Are Getting Scale Build-up

If left to the effects of hard water, your appliances could need replacing sooner than they should and their energy efficiency could be affected. Scale build-up can damage equipment like coffeemakers, dishwashers and humidifiers. Why worry about replacing them when a simple fix could be just replacing your water softener?

Your Clothes Are Not Coming Out Feeling Clean

Calcium and magnesium sound great in a multivitamin, but they are also two key culprits in hard water. and can build up on your clothes. Hard water could even lead to that favourite top wearing out faster. Learn more about How to Do Laundry Better.

Your Soap Isn’t Lathering

A classic sign your water softener isn’t doing its job is not being able to get a good lather up in the shower. You may notice you are using more shampoo or soap than usual to wash yourself.

If your water softener has sufficient salt and you are still experiencing these issues, it may be time to Call on Reliance™ to have one of our licensed plumbers inspect it.

For more information on water purification in your home, be sure to check out our Ultimate Water Purification Guide.

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