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How to Tell If You Need a Water Softener in Your Home

Are You Struggling with Hard Water? Discover the Solutions with Reliance® Water Softeners

Are you experiencing the uncomfortable effects of hard water in your home? Look no further! Reliance offers effective water purification solutions that can help alleviate the following problems associated with hard water:

  • Lackluster showers and baths with next to no soapy lather resulting in soap scum left behind on your skin and hair
  • Laundry that appears dull, dingy and feels stiff
  • Difficulty cleaning because of scale build-up on showers doors and sinks.
  • Dishes that may be left with spots and a thin filmy residue after washing.
  • Excess scale on your water consuming appliances and fixtures, shortening their life span.
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Are you experiencing the uncomfortable effects of  hard water in your home? If you have hard water,
problems you may be experiencing are;  lackluster showers and baths with next to no
soapy lather resulting in soap scum left behind  on your skin and hair, laundry that appears dull,
dingy and feels stiff, difficulty cleaning  because of scale buildup on shower doors
and sinks, dishes that may be left with spots and  a thin filmy residue after washing, excess scale
on your water-consuming appliances and fixtures  shortening their lifespan. A water softener will
help to remove the hard minerals from your  water, making it more enjoyable to bathe in
without noticeable soap scum left on your skin and  hair. Save your favorite clothes with brighter,
softer, cleaner laundry and with less scale  buildup. You’ll spend less time cleaning with
the Reliance Water Softener. You may also get  better performance out of your plumbing fixtures,
pipes and appliances like your dishwasher,  coffee maker and humidifier. Reliance Water
Softeners are certified to NSF standards and are  professionally installed by our licensed plumbers.
Our water softeners offer high-quality performance  that come with lower maintenance requirements.
To learn more about water softeners  and other water purification solutions
book an in-home consultation with one of our  trusted Water Purification Advisors. The Advisor
will test your water and discuss your needs to  determine the best solution for you and your home.

Why Choose Reliance Water Softeners?

Reliance water softeners are designed to remove hard minerals from your water, transforming your bathing and cleaning experiences. By installing a water softener, you can enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  1. Enhanced Bathing: Experience enjoyable showers and baths without noticeable soap scum residue on your skin and hair.
  2. Potentially Brighter, Softer Laundry: Take care of your favorite clothes with vibrant colors and a softer touch, thanks to softer water.
  3. Reduced Cleaning Time: Bid farewell to time-consuming scale build-up on your showers, doors, and sinks, allowing you to spend less time cleaning.
  4. Less Spots on Dishes: You could finally achieve spot-free results with your dishes, free from residue left by hard water.
  5. Improved Appliance Performance: Help optimize the efficiency and longevity of your plumbing fixtures, pipes, dishwasher, coffeemaker, and humidifier.

Reliance Water Softeners: Quality and Reliability

Reliance Water Softeners are certified to NSF standards, ensuring high-quality performance and reliability. Our licensed plumbers professionally install our water softeners, guaranteeing a seamless and efficient process.

Book a Consultation with Our Water Purification Advisors

Ready to find the best water purification solution for your home? Schedule an in-home consultation with one of our trusted Water Purification Advisors. Our Advisor will test your water and discuss your specific needs, tailoring the solution to your requirements.

For all your Water Purification needs, Call on Reliance™.

Want to read more about water purification solutions? Be sure to check out our Ultimate Water Purification Guide!

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