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5 Reasons Why You Need a Standby Generator

Summer thunderstorms, winter ice storms, local blackouts, and even the mighty squirrel can sabotage the power in your house or cottage. And whether you can’t go without electricity for even a few minutes because the thought of missing The Next Big Game brings you to your knees, there are innumerable reasons homeowners invest in a standby generator to keep the power pumping. Read on for our top five.

More Power and More Convenient Than a Portable Generator

A portable generator may be ideal for a cold night of car-camping but it’s not so great at providing consistent, reliable power to a whole home for even a short period. For one thing, a standby generator — which is installed outside like an air-conditioning unit and is connected to your existing electrical panel — powers up in seconds, as soon as it detects a decline in supply. No running around with extension cords and lugging gallons of flammable gasoline to connect a portable generator to your appliances or sump pump.

You Maintain Control of Your Home or Cottage

What’s the cost of peace of mind? Just the price of a standby generator! And you don’t need to be a control freak to value the convenience and capabilities that come with having a standby generator installed in the case of a blackout. Want to ensure you have continued access to clean drinking water from the well? Control over the thermostat, lighting, appliances? Check, check, and check. Smart home devices—cameras, doorbells, and the like — also require electricity. Burglars know that when the power is out, your cameras may be too. A standby generator will keep your home smart systems up and running. There’s the added bonus that many standby generators can be controlled and monitored remotely from your smart phone which is the perfect solution for those with second dwellings.

You Want to Protect Your Property (and Your Valuables) from Damage

What do rotten chicken cacciatore leftovers and a wet furnace room have in common? These are all possible outcomes for homeowners whose houses or cottages have endured a power outrage but who don’t have a standby generator. Fridge and freezer contents can thaw and rot, pipes can burst in cold climes with lengthy blackouts and sump pumps without battery backup can’t operate. A standby generator kicks in automatically during a power outage, even when you’re not home or when your property is vacant for an extended period of time, preventing all that potential chaos, damage, inconvenience, and cost.

Your Comfort Depends on Electricity

Having a reliable source of electricity ensures your HVAC system can keep your home or cottage warm when it’s cold, cool when it’s hot, and well ventilated at all times. And depending on the type of water heater you have, you may not have hot water during blackouts either. A standby generator gives the piece of mind that the comfort of home can continue during unexpected power outages.

You Need to Be Connected

Sometimes it feels great to disconnect from the world (hello, forest bathing) and just get away from all the fast-paced technology — but only on your own terms! A power outage can not only kill the lights, heating/cooling, security, and appliances, it also means you’re cut off from Wi-Fi, so you can say goodbye to streaming services and your socials. And if your phone doesn’t have juice, you could even lose your ability to call 911. If you work from home, a power outage could also mean lost productivity, opportunity, and income.

Get a free, in-home consultation with a Home Comfort Adviser from Reliance™ to determine which top-quality Generac standby generator is the perfect fit for your home or cottage. A one-time expert installation will keep you safe, connected, and powered up through even the burliest of blackouts. Learn more about our Generators here.

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