Benefits of an Iron Filter on your home’s water

Does the water in your home have an unsightly yellow tint with a faint metallic taste? You may be experiencing the effects of high levels of iron or manganese in your water. Do you have smelly water? Hydrogen sulfide in water causes a rotten egg smell. This type of water may also harm your water consuming appliances and cause brown-ish stains on your sinks, tubs and toilets.

An Iron Filter is a water purification solution that works to reduce these troublesome contaminants in your water. The filter is installed at your main water line to provide purer water to your entire home.

Not only will an Iron Filter improve the quality of your drinking and cooking water, with clear, clean water you could help avoid stains on your sinks, tub, and washing machine. Filtered water helps combat against problems due to buildup in your pipes and water-consuming appliances.

The Reliance Iron Filter meets NSF standards and is a new generation water purification solution that doesn’t require you to add chemicals, providing a mess-free alternative to purify your water.

To learn more about Iron Filters and other water purification solutions, book an in-home consultation with one of our trusted Water Purification Advisors. The advisor will test your water and discuss your needs to determine the best solution for you and your home.

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A Reliance Water Purification Advisor can help determine if an Iron Filter is the right water purification solution for your home and family’s needs.
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