Tips to Finding a Great Plumber

If you’re experiencing a small leak or a major plumbing disaster, you want a well-trained, trustworthy professional to be there fast, and get the job done right; the first time.

But finding the right plumber can be a difficult task.

So, to help you find the right one, we’ve come up with a few things you may want to consider:

Check Reviews

First, make sure to check the customer reviews on sites like Google of any plumbers you find online to help make sure they are reliable and professional. Reviews will also help you determine whether that person or plumbing service company is courteous, trustworthy and affordable – after all this is someone you will be inviting inside your home.

Check their License and Insurance

Next, make sure to confirm they are licensed and insured. Seems like common sense, but you will be surprised how many plumbers out there operate without proper credentials or insurance coverage that help protect both you and the plumber, in case of a dispute or accident.

Request upfront pricing

Also, request upfront pricing and avoid anyone who doesn’t provide a quote in writing. A plumbing professional will need to do an initial assessment, but depending on the issue you’re experiencing and the plumber you hire, the cost of a repair can vary. Understanding and agreeing to a price upfront allows you to stay in control of the job from start to finish while giving you peace of mind.

Make sure they’re prepared

Another thing to consider is to work with a plumber or service company that values your time. The plumber coming to your home should be ready and prepared to fix your issue on the first visit – this means with all the tools and equipment on hand. When you’re experiencing a problem, you don’t want to wait around. Availability, quick response and preparedness will ensure that a simple issue doesn’t take much longer than expected to be completed.

Ask other professionals

And finally, keep in mind that pros often know other pros. If you’ve had good experience with your water heater tech or HVAC professional ask them to refer you to a licensed plumber.

At Reliance™, we know you can never plan for a plumbing emergency, but knowing exactly what to do when one arises, is critical. We deliver expert service at competitive prices. Our certified and fully insured professionals will tell you what to expect from your repair costs and show up at your doorstep with all the tools and spare parts needed to take care of the problem the first time around.

We’re also dedicated to bringing you and your family peace of mind year round. To help avoid most unexpected repair costs, call us today and ask about our Plumbing Protection Plan to make sure you’re always covered.
So for all of your plumbing needs, Call on Reliance™.

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