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Trends Spotlight: Smart Home Keeps Getting Smarter

People with just one or two smart products at home soon realize how amazing creating a truly connected home can be. Building your Smart Home ecosystem with products like Google Nest speakers and displays can make life easier and help you do things like access media, manage your tasks and plan your day using only your voice1.

For instance, in addition to the home security products like the Nest x Yale Lock, Nest Doorbell and a variety of indoor and outdoor smart cameras, Google also offers a variety of audio entertainment solutions so you can stream your favourite music, podcasts and more to fill your home with rich sound. And with Chromecast devices, you can stream all the best movies and shows2. Plus, smart displays like the Nest Hub Max give you simple Smart Home controls right at your fingertips, allowing you to control sights and sounds at home, as well as your home comfort with a Nest thermostat3.

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Next Hub Max displaying the home screen

Nest Hub Max — Big Help for Your Busy Home

Nest Hub Max is a great — and of course, smart — way to bring your home’s Smart Home ecosystem together. Think of it like the heart of your Smart Home. Nest Hub Max works with many smart home devices, like lights, TVs and locks, and you can easily control them from one place. You can also use the device to make group video calls,4, monitor home when you’re away with the built-in Nest Cam, enjoy streaming videos and music and more, as well as help keep your busy family on track with their reminders and calendars5.

Did You Know?

Face Match on the Nest Hub Max recognizes you and displays your relevant notifications — not everyone else’s — so you get information like upcoming events, video messages and more, meant just for you6.


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1 Personalized results require additional enrollment and setup
2 Subscription services may be required for certain content.
3 The Nest Hub Max requires a Wi-Fi network, a nearby electrical socket, and a compatible
(Android, iOS) mobile device. A Google Account is required for full access to features.
Minimum OS requirements are available at
4 Google Duo account required to make video calls and leave video messages.
5 Some features, including mobile notifications and remote control, video streaming, and video recording, require working internet and Wi-Fi.
6 Personalized results require additional enrollment and setup
Google, Google Assistant, Nest Hub Max, Nest Thermostat, Nest Doorbell, Nest x Yale Lock, Nest Audio are trademarks of Google LLC.

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