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Father and son walking into house while holding hands and looking at Google Nest Hub

Technology Made Easy

In case you haven’t heard, the smart home revolution has arrived and it’s here to stay. Part of the connected living trend that integrates video, voice and data services in your home, in your car and at work. Smart home technology can provide homeowners with comfort, convenience, security and energy and savings by, among other things, enabling you to control your thermostat, lights and more from anywhere in the world from your mobile device.

As a Reliance customer, you’ve probably heard us talk about smart thermostats like Google Nest that could make it easier and less costly to control your home’s cooling and heating. It may sound at times like a lot of hot air (no pun intended) but the reality is a smart thermostat really could help improve your energy bill.

Smart thermostats are different, however, because they:

    • Learn your schedule: No more programming – with auto-scheduling, smart thermostats learn from you and programs itself.
    • Control from your phone: Change the temperature from anywhere using your phone, tablet or laptop.
    • Help save energy: Smart thermostats can use sensors, algorithms and even your phone’s location to save energy when no one’s home

And what can those other smart home products do? For starters, they let you turn your lights and appliances on and off, virtually no matter where you are for additional energy savings.

Keep Burglars Away

Plus, being able to turn on your lights when you’re away can make burglars believe you’re home when you’re not so they’re less likely to break in.

Speaking of security, smart home technology also allows you to lock and unlock your doors from your phone as well as launch video recordings if a motion detector goes off – And, by the way, with all this extra home security at your fingertips, you’ll want to speak with your home insurance provider – lower premiums could be in the offering.

Get Notifications of Fire and Floods

But security isn’t only about unwanted visitors – it’s also about possible damage from fire or floods. New smart home sensors can alert you when there’s a leak in your home, which could be coming from your water heater, toilet, washing machine or even a burst pipe. And smart fire alarms can tell the difference between smoke and actual fire, alerting you to a problem immediately even if you’re not at home.

Are you ready to make your home smarter? Speak with a Reliance Home Advisor who can answer your questions and make valuable suggestions.

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