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Ductless Splits Offer Efficient Heating and Cooling


Ductless Heat Pumps/Cooling applications have gained popularity in Canada as a convenient way to heat and cool your home and provide comfortable temperatures.

Heating and cooling your home typically makes use of a furnace, an air conditioner and a duct system. In some cases, such a system does not exist and no ductwork is available. These instances may be where boiler systems, baseboard electric systems, new additions, remote area where ducting cannot be installed, or in areas that are difficult to heat or cool. In these scenarios, a Ductless Heat Pump/Cooling application might be the best solution.

These systems, often referred to as Ductless Splits, condition the air for both heating and cooling directly within the living space. The outdoor condenser provides heating or cooling to an indoor air distribution unit called an Eva

An image of a white ductless split air conditioner

porator. This Evaporator is mounted either on the ceiling or as a wall module within the space to be conditioned. Most of these Evaporators have moving air distribution vanes to best distribute air throughout the room.

In summer conditions, the heat is removed from the home’s interior to be disposed of into the outdoors. Conversely, in winter conditions the heat is extracted from the cold outdoor air to be distributed within the interior of your home. The heat provided is considered supplemental as the heat pump’s function diminishes as the outdoor air reaches very low temperatures. Additional heat is required when this occurs. During most seasons, the heat pump function of these units is adequate.

Ductless Split systems have a single outdoor unit which can supply several Evaporator units within the home. This provides comfortable temperatures to more than one space within your home.

Flexibility of location and installation make Ductless split systems the ideal remedy for many common heating and cooling challenges. For more information, Call on Reliance™ today. We would be happy to assist and provide you with your most cost-effective solution.

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