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Man wearing safety goggles and gloves installing an Outdoor Nest Cam

A Smart Home is a Safe & Secure Home

These days, protecting your home and possessions has an added wrinkle — you’re actually more likely to be home if an intruder tries to break and enter or a porch pirate nabs parcels left at your front door. Have no fear, there’s a device or two to help you out.

Nest Hello Doorbell

The Nest Hello Doorbell is an amazing product. This safety-centric smart home technology brings together the convenience of a video doorbell with the intelligence and high quality of a Nest camera. You’ll be able to safely, conveniently and contactlessly see who’s at the front door and chat with them — home or away. With the snapshot history of visits feature, you’ll know exactly when to check if that delivery arrived.

Nest doorbell

Google Nest Cam Outdoor

For those who seek broader security all around the outside of your home, the Nest Cam Outdoor is perfect for you. While running 24/7, you will be alerted with images directly to your phone if any suspicious movement is detected.

nest cam outdoor

And, to bring it all together, a Nest Hub Max with Google Assistant can keep all your compatible home devices, including the Nest Cam Outdoor and the Nest Hello Video Doorbell, accessible from one place with your voice or from a single 10-inch HD screen dashboard.


Nest Hub max

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