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Embrace the Future with Smart Home Solutions

Whether you’re seeking to enhance surveillance around your home, help save on energy costs, or automate daily tasks, integrating smart home technology into your home can offer numerous advantages. From controlling household appliances to managing your energy consumption remotely, Reliance smart home solutions are here to provide greater comfort and convenience.

Key Google Nest Smart Home Products for Comfort and Efficiency

1. Energy Management with the Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat can help keep your energy costs in check by learning your temperature preferences and adjusting to your schedule. It has an “eco” function that lets you know when you are in energy savings mode, and it can automatically detect when you are away from home and adjust the temperature. Imagine you could be saving money† while maintaining the comfort level of your home!

2. Enhanced Home Monitoring with Nest Products

Products like the Nest Doorbell, Nest Cam, Nest x Yale Lock, and Nest Protect Smoke and CO Alarm can offer control from anywhere* and help make home monitoring seamless. Unlock the door for your guests by using the Nest app even when you aren’t home.* See who is on your porch and talk to them remotely using the Nest Doorbell.* Get alerts on your phone if there is smoke at home.*

3. Streamlined Daily Management with a Nest Hub Max

Nest Hub Max can help your busy family stay on track. Everyone can see their own reminders, calendars and commute, leave each other video messages, share to-dos and quick reminders, and seek the info you need with voice-controlled Google Assistant.**

4. Convenient Access with Google Home App

All these systems are easily accessible through the Google Home App or voice control*. Explore budget-friendly smart home bundles here.

Building Your Smart Home: Two Simple Steps!

Step 1: Find the Right Solutions

It can be challenging to select the right products for your home, given the wide variety of available options. One of our Smart Home Advisors can guide you through these options so you can pick what’s best for your needs.

Step 2: Professional Installation & Connectivity

Proper installation and connectivity are essential for the operation of your system. Our Smart Home Technicians can help alleviate the stress of self-installation and ensure everything is set up correctly.

Why Choose Reliance: Your Trusted Partner for Smart Home Solutions

Personalized Service

Our team works closely with you to determine the right products for your home, explain which warranties are applicable to your products, and provide flexible and affordable payment options which include complete installation and setup. The technician will explain how all of your new products work before they leave.

Ongoing Support

We help provide a smooth experience from the initial assessment through installation to setup and offer continued support.

Professional Installation

With Smart Home Installers and HVAC Technicians, we are ready for every part of the installation.

Customizable Bundles

Your Smart Home Advisor can review customizable smart home bundles so you can achieve your Smart Home effortlessly. Call on Reliance™ to learn more about your Smart Home solution!

Reliance Smart Home Solution: Comfort, Efficiency, and Convenience

Reliance is your trusted local Google Nest Pro, bringing you reliable services and amazing products. Choosing a Reliance Smart Home rental solution means you receive:

  • Full Equipment and In-home Service Warranty
  • Live Call Support 24/7/365
  • Guaranteed Installation and Service by Professional Technicians
  • No Charge Repair or Replacement

Professional installation means you don’t have to worry about climbing ladders, drilling, electrical wiring, or having the right tools. Plus, we can provide guidance on the use of your Smart Home devices. With no upfront costs and repairs or replacements included, it’s an easy way to upgrade your living experience. Professional installation recommended.

Smart home technology is no longer a future dream but a present reality. Embrace this new era of living with Reliance Smart Home Solutions and enhance your home’s comfort, efficiency, and convenience today!

†Individual savings are not guaranteed.
*Some features, including mobile alerts, remote control and custom schedules, require the Nest app, working internet and Wi-Fi, and Nest Connect or Nest Guard. Video recording requires a Nest Aware subscription (sold separately). Some features, including mobile notifications, video streaming and video recording, require working Internet and Wi-Fi. Intelligent alerts require a Nest Aware subscription. Streaming content subscriptions may be required.
**The Nest Hub Max requires a Wi-Fi network, a nearby electrical socket, and a compatible (Android, iOS) mobile device. A Google Account is required for full access to features. Minimum OS requirements are available at Personalized results require additional enrollment and setup.

Google, Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, Nest Thermostat, Nest Wifi and other Google and Nest marks are trademarks of Google LLC.

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