Water Purification Solutions for your Cottage

Cottage in the forest

After a long winter, the warm summer sunshine is finally here! For many, that means weekend getaways, barbeques and lazy afternoons on the dock.

While you’re preparing to open your cottage and get it ready for the season now is a good time to consider ways to improve the quality of your cottage’s water. Often times, cottage-goers opt for bottled water for drinking and cooking. Not only is this inconvenient, it can also be costly and increases plastic waste.

Below are a few common water problems you may be experiencing with your cottage’s water. By adding a water purifier you can help to combat these issues and make the water in your cottage more enjoyable. This way, you can worry about more important things- like time on the water!

Problem: Yellow-tinted water that leaves brown stains

If the water that comes out of the taps at your cottage has a yellow tint or leaves brown and blackish stains on your plumbing fixtures, tubs, sinks or toilets, you may be experiencing high levels of iron and manganese. These issues are also often associated with high levels of hydrogen sulfide that causes your water to have an unpleasant rotten egg smell.

If these issues sound familiar, you’re going to want to consider adding an iron filter to your cottage this year. An Iron Filter is installed at your main water line and can significantly reduce the troublesome contaminates that can cause discoloured water and that leaves behind stains on your sinks and appliances. You’ll also be able to enjoy better tasting water from every tap in your cottage without the taste and smell of iron.

Problem: Hard water and scale buildup

Whether your cottage is on a well or municipal water, an issue you may be familiar with is hard water. A few classic signs of hard water include spots being left on your dishes after washing them, soap scum being left on your sinks, tub or shower, and scale build up in your plumbing fixtures and water consuming appliances.

To help combat these issues you should consider adding a water softener this year. A water softener may reduce scale build up in your pipes and appliances. This may give them a longer lifespan and may save you more money in the long run. Cleaning may also be less of a chore without scale build up and soap stains being left on dishes and plumbing fixtures. After all, being at the cottage is about relaxing, not cleaning!

Problem: Cloudy water

Do you find the drinking water at your cottage to be less enjoyable because it tends to appear cloudy instead of clear? Cloudy water is often a result of total dissolved solids which can be reduced with a reverse osmosis (RO) system. An RO is a great solution if you’re looking to reduce the amount of unwanted contaminants and minerals in the water at your cottage. An RO system is installed right at your kitchen sink and is a convenient solution to improve the taste, smell and appearance of your family’s drinking and cooking water.

If you’re interested in learning more about the water purification solutions available for your home or cottage, contact us today! You can schedule time with one of our Water Purification Advisors who will test your water and recommend the best solution for you and your family.

Understanding the seriousness of the current situation, we’re taking great precautions to make sure that any visit to your home is safe for you as well as our team members.

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