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What You Need to Know about Low Flow Fixtures

If you’re interested in reducing your water consumption and potentially lowering your water bill, there are three simple Rs to follow:

Reduce – change your habits – stop running the tap while you brush your teeth!

Repair – Fixing leaks quickly is a no-brainer when it comes to saving water.

Retrofit – all plumbing fixtures available on the market today must follow Canada’s strict low-flow requirement.

If you live in an older home, you may be thinking about replacing your old toilets, showerheads and sink faucets with new, low-flow fixtures. Making the switch to bathroom and kitchen fixtures designed to use less water could help reduce your household water consumption, making low-flow an attractive choice for families looking to help conserve water .

Here Are Six Things You Need to Know about This Water-Saving Technology:

1. Since hot water needs to be warmed by electricity or gas before it reaches your faucet, low-flow fixtures could also help reduce your energy bills. If you reduce the hot water used while showering then your water heater will not need to heat as much water.

2. Low-flow showerheads don’t mean low-pressure. Today’s aerating showerheads are designed to deliver a satisfying spray without wasting water.

3. If you’re not ready to upgrade to a new, low-flow fixture, adding an aerator to an existing faucet can reduce your water flow.

4. Switching to an ultra-low flow toilet like the ProFlow Greenlee toilet that has a maximum 3.0LPF (Litres Per Flush) can help you conserve even more water. That’s almost two litres less than the standard low-flow toilets which are 4.8LPF.

5. Today’s gravity-fed low flow toilets are designed to produce a clog-free flush.

6. The double-flush is a myth! The modern low-flow toilet is very efficient at flushing in one go.

Depending on your level of DIY experience, you may be able to install low-flow aerators or faucets by yourself. Installing a low-flow toilet is more complicated and should be left to a qualified plumber.

At Reliance™, we can help you choose the right water-saving technology for your home and you’ll enjoy worry-free installation. Just Call on Reliance™ and ask us about which low-flow fixtures are right for your family and your budget.

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